A Trade Show filled with Artist Talks, Giveaways and more!

Nov. 8, 2019 | 9:30am – 5:30pm | Westside Cultural Arts Center | Atlanta, GA

The BEST Photography Manufacturers Under One Roof

We are partnering with Atlanta Celebrates Photography to bring you the first-ever CI PhotoFest Atlanta!!

Our industry’s leading manufacturers are coming to town to celebrate Atlanta’s own Capture Integration and their 15th year anniversary! Join them in partnership with Atlanta Celebrates Photography as we present the first-ever Capture Integration PHOTOFEST!

Here Is What You Will Get

Artists talks | Manufacture Showcase | New Products | Firmware updates | Sensor cleaning | Camera buybacks | Gallery installation | Hourly Prize drawings 


Onsite Services & Giveaways

  • Capture Integration Digital Back Giveaway at the end of the day
  • Test Drive a Leica Camera for a day during our CI Gatherings
  • Gear Buy Back with KEH
  • Canon Gear Inspection & Cleaning Services
  • Blazing Editions Gallery Installation
  • Alpa Anniversary Kit Specials & Prize Giveaway
  • Phase One Capture One Software Giveaway
  • Eizo Monitor Quality Demo
  • Cambo Special Promotions

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PhotoFest Atlanta Trade Show Sponsors

PhotoFest Atlanta Agenda

09:30am – 09:45am – Welcome and Check-in

09:45am – 10:15am – Carlina Capuai, The History and Quality of ALPA Cameras 

10:20am – 11:50am – Zack Arias, The Importance of Personal Work

11:55pm – 12:15pm – Brenda Hipsher, Better, Faster, Smarter Color Science in Capture One Pro

12:15pm – 1:05pm -Break: Lunch Onsite & Manufacture Showcase

01:05pm – 1:55pm -Barry Grossman, Photographing Interior Design & Architecture 

2:00pm – 2:50pm – Troy House, Transitioning to Fine Art Photography

3:00pm – 3:50pm – Jarmo Pohjaniemi, Playboy Editorial Career, Shoot The Centerfold

4:00pm – 5:30pm – Vanessa Joy, Off-Camera Flash Scares Me, Profoto

5:30pm  – Event Ends

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Be sure to reserve your ticket now as seats are limited!

Meet The Speakers

Vanessa Joy has been an influential photographer in the photographic community for years. Starting her photographic journey in 1998, she has since earned five college degrees, started her own business in 2008, and began teaching around the world in 2009. Vanessa had spoken at almost every major convention and platform in the industry such as CreativeLIVE, Clickin’ Moms, WPPI, ShutterFest, Imaging USA, PPA related conventions and personal workshops and numerous conventions around the globe. Recognized for her talent and more so her business sense, her clients love working with her and industry peers love to learn from her generous, informative and open-book style of teaching.

Website: VanessaJoy.com



Zack states that he’s been actively pursuing photography as a career for twenty years and it’s been a hell of a trip thus far. He’s risen and fallen a number of times and truly feels that he’s finally reached base camp. On a clear day, he can see his goal. On the not so clear days, he is still climbing and still pushing. Zack highlights that he is still pushing himself, his subjects and his craft.

These days, Zack thinks of himself more as a director than a photographer. He tends to work with subjects who aren’t that comfortable in front of the camera and direct them from start to finish.

He’s traveled through 49 of the 50 states and five of the seven continents. From a boardroom in New York to a film set in Los Angeles, to a farm in Texas, to the streets of Hong Kong, to the high Atlas Mountains of Morocco, he pursues photography with everything he has.

Website: ZackArias.com


Barry is a professional architectural and interior design photographer based in South Florida.

As a professional photographer with over 30 years of experience in South Florida, Barry works closely with architects, interior designers, public relations firms and advertising agencies. Barry’s photography assignments have taken his creative team from Florida to New York, from Las Vegas to the Bahamas, from Atlanta to Cancun.  Barry’s images are consistently published, and his clients are seen internationally in books, trade publications, and magazines including Architectural Digest, Florida Architecture, Florida Design, Luxe, and Miami Design among many others.

As a professional photographer, Barry brings to his work a unique background in motion picture cinematography, achieving his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Film Production from Syracuse University, and furthering his education and photographic exploration at New York University’s Graduate Film & Television masters program.  With full control of modern imaging techniques, Barry fully explores architectural photography using today’s most advanced tools, including state of the art digital cameras and photo enhancement software.
Barry’s goal is to create images that are dynamic and memorable, delivering exceptional, effective professional photography time and time again.

Website: GrossmanPhoto.com


Jarmo was born in December 1961 in Finland where he grew up before moving to Portugal with my family at age 7. He could have been found on the family farm running on hills amongst chickens and farm animals till age 16. Later, he served in the military for my native country of Finland. In the early 80s he spent a decade in front of the camera working as a fashion model for clients like Pierre Cardin & Hugo Boss until Bruce Weber, a well-known photographer, actually sparked my interests to move behind the camera, take a look stuff through the lens, and start exploring the world via viewfinder. Jarmo then discovered a true passion for photography & the rest is history… The Entertainment business has also been close to his heart. In his own recording studio since 1992, he and his crew produce music, videos, and short movies all around the world. Jarmo believes that hard work, and determination keeps us motivated in this highly competitive business.

Website: JarmoPohjaniemi.com


Troy is a nationally recognized photographer and raconteur. He grew up in his father’s portrait studio in Iowa dreaming of shooting for Rolling Stone magazine. Along the way, his choice of subjects changed and he now finds himself having shot for a who’s who of Travel, Advertising, Fashion, and Editorial clients. Whether it’s shooting campaigns, creating libraries, directing commercials, 360s, or shooting personal work, Troy approaches each with the enthusiasm he had on his first job. Troy receives mail in Brooklyn, NY but resides in random airports around the globe.


Website: TroyHouse.com




Brenda K. Hipsher is the National Manager of Educational Markets and Brand Manager for X-Rite Photo & Video at MAC Group. She has spent her entire career in the photo business beginning in darkrooms and labs making color science and color control a top priority for her early in the evolution of digital photography. Brenda is in her third decade with MAC Group placing relationships and networking as a top priority.


Website: XRite.com





André Oldani (1966) has been associated with ALPA for almost 20 years – first as a customer and later, when his hobby became his profession, as a partner of ALPA of Switzerland. Today André is, along with the founders Ursula Capaul and Thomas Weber, the third co-owner of ALPA and Head of Product & Communications.


Website: ALPA.ch






Titles and labels belong to books and soup cans respectively. To me they don’t make the man, his reputation and integrity do. My most important job is being the best father I can to Aidan, McKenna, and Emma and giving them the best foundation for happiness and success in life. And to attempt to give my wife a fraction of the joy that she has brought to me and our family.

RIT – BS in Imaging Technology
Sinar Bron Inc. (5 years) Regional Manager
Calumet Digital Solutions (4 Years) Area Sales Manager
Phase One US (3 Years) Manager, Prolab Imaging (2 Years)
Opened Capture Integration in 2004



Stand Out Atlanta’s Trendy Event Location

This event will be held at, Westside Cultural Arts Center

Address: 760 10th St NW, Atlanta, GA 30318

Date: Friday, Nov 8, 2019

Time: 10:00pm – 5:30pm

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