Phase One ProductsShot Count Regular PriceSales Price
Phase One IQ4 150MP 2772$46,990Too Low To Publish
Phase One IQ1 100MP 1,200$19,990Too Low To Publish
Phase One XF IQ3 100MP 8,450$21,990Too Low To Publish
Phase One IQ3 60MP 2,043$14,990Too Low To Publish
Phase One IQ3 50MP9,195$17,990$10,990
Phase One IQ280 MP65$14,990Too Low To Publish
Phase One IQ180 MP10,782$13,990$8,990
Leaf Credo 80 MP3,448$13,990$7,990
Leaf Credo 60 Hasselblad H Mount 34,103$9,990$5,490
Phase One IQ140 Hasselblad H Mount 3,552$7,990$3,990
Phase One IQ140 for XF106,000$7,990$3,390
Phase One P65+ Mamiya Mount 13,410$9,990$5,490
Phase One P45+28,500$7,990$3,490
Phase One P40+ Mamiya Mount82,819$3,990$2,490
Phase One P30 Hasselblad H Mount 39,000$2,490$1,990
Phase One DF+ Camera Body $5,990$1,490
Phase One 150mm AF 3.5 Lens (Non Blue Ring)$4,440$999
Phase One Digital 28mm AF f/4.5 Lens $5,490$1,499
Phase One Digital Zoom 75-150mm AF f/4.5 Lens $4,690$999
Phase One 45mm AF f/2.8 Lens $2,990$999
Phase One 150mm AF f/2.8 Lens $3,490$999
Phase One 120mm MF f/4.0 Macro Lens (new)$2,990$999
Phase One 80mm AF f/2.8 Lens$1,490$199
Schneider Kreuznach LensRegular PriceSales Price
NEW Schneider Kreuznach 150mm f/3.5 5 year Warranty $4,490$2,990
Schneider Kreuznach 28mm f/4.8 LS Lens (Non Blue-Ring)$4,490$2,990
Schneider Kreuznach 150mm f/3.5 (Non Blue-Ring) $4,490$1,990
Schneider Kreuznach 110mm AF f/2.8 LS Lens (Non Blue-Ring)$3,990$1,490
Schneider Kreuznach 80mm f/2.8 LS Lens (Non Blue-Ring)$2,490$499

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