ATLANTA, GA: Capture Integration Inc and Focal Media Group are pleased to announce a strategic partnership for providing cutting edge photo technology solutions to fashion and retail brands. The evolution of the apparel industry to a multi-channel digital world challenges brand creative production teams to deliver dynamic, on-brand content faster and more efficiently than ever before. To rise to these challenges, brands are turning to innovative technology solutions that automate low value and repetitive processes, enabling their creative production teams to focus on the high value, creative work they love.

Capture Integration is revolutionizing visual content production at fashion brands with the recent launch of ShotFlow One. This Software as a Service data management platform enables high volume production studios to plan, monitor and measure their photo and video production process from anywhere, on any device. In addition, ShotFlow One automatically tags production data to assets at the point of capture, creating ‘smart assets.’ Now all the teams and channels that utilize imagery can leverage these ‘smart assets’ in new and exciting ways to drive brand engagement.

ShotFlow One allows you to plan, monitor and measure photography production in real-time from anywhere on any device.

ShotFlow One allows you to plan, monitor and measure photography production in real-time from anywhere on any device.

Focal Media Group is the industry leader in the deployment of products and services enabling fashion brands, retailers and creative service firms the ability to streamline their product photography process. The use of the StyleShoots photo system allows users to capture a product image every 10 seconds, while providing auto-background removal on the fly.  These solutions significantly reduce the cost and time required to create high quality product images, resulting in reduced costs, faster time to market and higher sales conversions.

Focal Media Group’s StyleShoots is a state of the art machine that comes with everything you need to take beautiful shots of your clothes.

Capture Integration and Focal Media Group each provide complementary technology and services that are even more powerful when combined together. This strategic partnership paves the way for tighter integration between Capture Integrations’ ShotFlow One data management platform and Focal Media Groups’ StyleShoots production photography automation system to deliver optimal efficiency for high volume photography production studios.

Samples is ShotFlow One’s module for tracking and managing sample inventory related to photography production.

“We are thrilled to partner with Focal Media Group to optimize our respective technology platforms for the fashion industry,” said Eric Fulmer, VP of Operations and Strategic Growth at Capture Integration. “This partnership will enable fashion brands to accelerate creation of compelling visual content to connect with consumers in this new digital reality.”

“We are very excited to partner with Capture Integration, as our technologies are a natural fit.”  said Mark Duhaime, CEO of Focal Media Group. “With the explosion of ecommerce in the fashion industry the need to create and manage large volumes of product images has a direct impact on an organization’s bottom line. Clients will be able to achieve clear benefits of integrating both the image creation and image management solutions offered by Focal Media Group and Capture Integration”

Focal Media Group offers a convert on-mannequin images to on-model images service.

Focal Media Group offers a convert on-mannequin images to on-model images service.

About Capture Integration

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Capture Integration ( was founded in 2004 to serve the needs of the photography industry with the highest quality products, services and solutions. Headquartered in Atlanta GA with satellite offices in Los Angeles, Miami and New England, Capture Integration is the photo industry’s source for the best brands and expertise. Strategic equipment partners include leading photography brands such as Phase One, Hasselblad, Canon, Leica Profoto, Broncolor, Eizo, Cambo and many others. As one of Phase One’s top strategic partners worldwide, Capture Integration offers an unmatched level of Capture One knowledge, support and workflow integration.


About Focal Media Group




Focal Media Group ( provides technology and services for fashion product photography, including the StyleShoots all in one solution for product photography, Formes Ghost Mannequins and On-Mannequin to On-Model Conversion services. StyleShoots’ professional photography machines are designed from the ground up to revolutionize the way high volume photo studios accelerate their ecommerce imagery workflow.

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