Capture One 11.0.1 – Tested & Approved


11.0.1 Mac Bug Fixes  Clicking on buy CO leads to broken link  Apple Script Autocrop command not working  Importer allows colon even if batch rename does not and it is an illegal character  Sorting order for rating does not work in Import window  Migrating a catalog doesn’t generate all the right thumbnails  Aperture importer crashes Capture One in specific environments  Text wrap in meta data fields not working  Cursor not … Read More →

Phase One 645XF – Auto ISO: Best Practices


While some prefer to shoot full manual all the time, the automated and automatic processes available on the XF provide safety nets that manual operation doesn’t provide. Auto ISO is the simple idea that the camera will sacrifice the noise-free realm of low ISO for higher ISOs if that change becomes necessary to make the image. When light is falling and extending the length of capture time isn’t practical, raising … Read More →

XF Focus Trim


The ability to tune your camera specifically to your lenses has been around for sometime, not only on Canon & Nikon DSLR’s but also on medium format bodies like the Phase One 645DF+ The modular design of Phase One cameras and digital backs introduces some variance with where the exact sensor plane of focus is and rather than tweaking those physical distances with shims as thin as .01mm like on … Read More →

Capture One 11 – Tested & Approved


New Feature Summary • Annotations • Export with Assets • Improved “Back-up And Restore” mechanism for Catalogs • Duplicate checker for the Importer • LAB Readouts for Pro edition • Levels as a Layer Adjustment • Color Balance as a Layer Adjustment • Create new Filled Layer • Presets for Layer capable tools • Master Opacity • Feather Mask • Refine Mask Edge • Clear Mask • Greyscale Mask preview … Read More →

Profoto A1 – TTL for Phase One XF is Here!


If you have always wanted an On Camera Flash (OCF) for your Phase One Medium Format body and have struggled with adapters and frankenstein contraptions in the past, your prayers are now answered.  With the announcement of the new Profoto A1 studio light we now have a seamless connection and interface with your XF camera system. Canon or Nikon Version The Profoto Air sync and TTL technology is not new. … Read More →

XF Feature Update #4 – Service Release 1


XF Feature Update #4 SR1 provides additional lens support for both AFr (Autofocus & Recompose) as well as the Automatic Focus Stack Calculator.  This release will update your XF to Firmware 4.01.5 1. Autofocus & Recompose mode (AFr) *Currently supported ONLY on the Schneider Kreuznach Blue Ring Lenses: – 55mm LS f/2.8 – 80mm LS f/2.8 – 110mm LS f/2.8 – 120mm LS f/4.0 Macro – 150mm LS f/2.8 – … Read More →

Capture One 10.2.1 Tested & Approved


10.2.1 Bug fixes (Mac) • Auto-mounted file-shares handled incorrectly • Adjustments lost when moving a folder within Capture One • / not accepted in Token paths • | character in Session Name (or session folder) causes Proxies to not render • Hang when selecting any text input eld to enter text • Cropping .ORF vertically causes hang • Emptying “unavailable” images from catalog Trash is impossible • Renaming of a Catalog … Read More →

Review Profoto New & Current Firmware Releases

RENTAL Extravaganza

    D2 | New in Firmware A6  • Improved fan controller to reduce standby noise.• Added sync filter to avoid unintentional flash triggering• Minor bug fixes                             B1/B1x | New in firmware version E2 • Fixed bug that could cause big TTL under- exposure.• Bug fix to restore the temporary display indication after a HSS flash.         … Read More →

Mac OS High Sierra (10.13) NOT currently supported in Capture One 10


User experience will vary, but as of this moment, Capture One 10.2.1 is not officially compatible with Apple’s newest operating system, High Sierra (10.13) We DO NOT recommend upgrading to macOS High Sierra at this time, due to reports of compatibility issues from Trailblazing clients.

XF Feature Update #4 – ReCalibration NECESSARY


As covered previously in the post XF Focus Trim, the XF has long had the ability to calibrate to each lens attached to it and calibrating the system in this way should be viewed as an absolute necessity for accurate results in autofocusing. Anyone who has followed my trimming procedure in the past or have had their cameras custom tuned by me absolutely need to re-calibrate their lenses immediately after updating … Read More →