Phase One L Bracket Available

Phase One has announced an L Bracket for the Phase One 645 (a.k.a. Mamiya AFD III) body. This bracket is available exclusively from Phase One dealers (ourselves included). Please contact us at 877.217.9870 to place your order. Features an Arca Swiss type tripod mounting option for both portrait and landscape orientation Horizontal and Vertical Mount Arca Swiss Type Quick Release compatible Screw in option for other tripod heads Leather Hand … Read More →

iPhone Apps

iPhone Pro

ProCamera This nifty capture program displays a tiltmeter in real time as you tak your picture to ensure your horizon is strait. You can also set it to delay capture of an image until the accelometer detects the phone is nearly motionless, leading to sharper hand-held pictures. Download from iTunes – aPhoto GPS Marker This program does more than just insert GPS coordinates. It can super impose a full suite … Read More →

Color Munki (Instructional Video)

If you’ve purchased a Color Munki from Capture Integration (or if you’re just interested in what the Color Munki does) then you should check out this excellent training video just posted on the colormunki website. Watch the video

New Mac Pros

Following the lead of the MacBookPro introduced a few months ago the new Mac Pros, Mac Minis, and iMacs include FW800 ports but not a single FW400 port. In the case of a Mac Pro you can add a PCI card for direct use of your existing FW400 cables. In the case of the Mac Mini or iMac (or an alternative to the PCI card) you will need our FW400 … Read More →

Easy Gray Profiles & The Color Editor

Easy Gray Profiles & The Color Editor

Capture One Pro has a lot of advanced features which are rarely exploited by the average user. That’s one of the reasons we’ve introduced our online training series. Below is one of the topics we cover in depth in our Master’s Level class. The Often Overlooked Color Editor The Color Editor is one of the most powerful tools in Capture One. It can be used to modify skin tones, knock … Read More →

Digi Clean – How To Video

Digi Clean – How To Video

When your CCD gets dirty on your Phase One digital back, usually you will utilize a blower bulb to expel any minor particles.  If your CCD requires a more thorough cleaning I might recommend using Digi Clean. Note that we recommend using only the “Solution B” which is an alcohol for the vast majority of cleaning. If you use Solution A which is a soap you will have to clean … Read More →

Focal Length Equivalent Calculator

Capture Integration Focal Length Calculator

A normal lens is a normal lens is a normal lens… except when it’s not. When using film, the size of the film determines what a normal, long, and wide lens are. An 80mm lens is long when using 35mm film, normal when using 120 film, and short when using 4×5 film. Using a digital back is no different. A P45+ or P25+ is roughly 3mm smaller on each side … Read More →

C1 4.6.1

Capture One 4.6.1 was released last week with improvements to processing of P65+ files.We’ve had several customers with hard-to-pin-down issues with 4.6.1 which were solved by fully uninstalling and then reinstalling 4.6. In particular several users had their processing queues freeze mid-processing.Since 4.6.1 only addresses P65+ issues we recommend customers continue to use Capture One 4.6 which can be found on the Software Archive at 

FireWire 400/800 adapter

FireWire 400/800 adapter

Apple recently released a new line of MacBook Pro laptops.  With the new release they have altered the FireWire port configuration to only include 800 (9 -pin)  and excluded any 400 (6-pin) ports.  This has left people with several 400 – 400 FW cables and no way to connect to their new laptop.   One way to help with this solution is to purchase new 400 (6-pin) to 800 (9-pin) cables … Read More →

Capture One 4.6 Pro Released

The next version of Capture One 4.6 was released on Jan 5. The full release notes can be found at are the improvements and changes we thought were most important. This list is not comprehensive on purpose, so consult the above release notes if completeness is your goal. Performance The time it takes to generate a preview (important for fast tethered performance) has improved The responsiveness of Color Editor … Read More →