Multipop Device works with Hasselblad H1, H2

digital disconnect 2

At a customer’s request I checked to see if our Multi-Strobe-Pop device would work with the Hasselblad H1/H2 body. In short, this setup will work if you 1) tape over the communication pins on the digital back and 2) disable”Magazine Exposure Lock” (custom option #6, or #11 depending on firmware, look for the name “Magazine Exposure Lock”) on the body. More details after the jump.

Mac Computer Performance

I came across this digest of mac computer benchmarks today. For the uninitiated the benchmark used here was GeekBench which measures raw processing and memory power. Hard drive speed, graphics card performance, and other factors which come into play in the real world are not taken into account with this benchmark, so for instance the MacBookPro and MacBook score similarly even though real world performance may differ. Even so, this … Read More →

High Dynamic Range – Highlight and Shadow Recovery

HDR Comparison Using Capture One 4.0

Overview of HDR Phase One digital backs capture tremendous dynamic range. The new HDR adjustments in Capture One 4.0 taps into this dynamic range to easily recover clean, accurate, and natural detail from deep shadow and blown-out highlights. The process is simple and straight forward. Best of all, using Capture One 4.0 you can compare different variations (see image to the right) of HDR, exposure, and contrast to create exactly … Read More →

Multiple Strobe Pops for Interior Lighting with Phase One

long exposure device

This article is was contributed by our valued customer, Jeffrey Totaro. You can check out his website at If you are a customer and have a technique to share with the community please contact Capture Integration. _ Digital photography provides many excellent solutions to photographic challenges. But coming from 4×5 film I missed one previously film-only technique: multiple strobe pops while shooting interiors. I have developed a unique switch-box … Read More →

Canon Wireless


I just spent a couple of days testing the Canon WFT-E2/E2A wireless transmitter here in Atlanta. It was connected to a new Canon 1ds Mark III and our computer platform was the MacIntosh G5 tower (Dual Power PC processors). Other computers used in this test was a Apple 17″ Powerbook (Dual Intel processors) and a Apple 12″ Powerbook (Single Power PC processor) & a G5 Quad (4 Power PC processors). … Read More →

Compact Flash Card Readers

At the request of a valued customer we ran a test recently of the practical speed of various firewire card readers. This was not a brand comparison or a full-blown test. We compared the three card readers we had on hand as a reference point created for a specific customer and shared here for anyone interested. The full Compact Flash Card Test Results can be found in the Accessories page … Read More →

Tethering with 4.0 and 3.7.8

When Capture One 4.0 Pro is released it will sport several major enhancements including the choice when shooting tethered to always jump to a new incoming capture, or to ignore incoming captures so that an assistant or digital tech can check the focus, exposure, and composition of previous exposures while the photographer continues to shoot. Until them you can use a combination of Capture One 4.0 and Capture One 3.7.8 … Read More →

OSX Leopard for Photographers

Capture One 3.7.8 Brings Leopard Compatibility OSX Leopard was released in October, 2007. It has lots of new features, some of which are very useful to photographers. Capture One 3.7.8 brings full Leopard compatibility to Phase One shooters. As with any change to your workflow, it is strongly suggested that you set up a dry run; it is never a good idea to have an important job or shoot as … Read More →

Batch Processing in 4.0

holding shift

In Capture One 4.0 the ability to batch process is not obviously implemented, but it IS there! In fact, once you know the secret you will unlock a powerful new tool. The key is the batch modifier key (no pun intended). You can read the Two page PDF from Phase One. However, the bottom line is this: Holding shift when you press “process” will process all selected images! You can … Read More →

C1 4.0 launches when I sync my iPhone

Everyone that I know that has an iPhone loves it. I have found one little bug if you have Capture One 4.0 loaded on your Mac and try to sync your iPhone, it launches Capture One and iTunes at the same time. Here is a work around that Doug Peterson told me: 1. Open Spotlight 2. In the Spotlight window type “image capture” 3. Image Capture should show up under … Read More →