Capture One 10.2.1 Released


10.2.1 Bug fixes (Mac) • Auto-mounted file-shares handled incorrectly • Adjustments lost when moving a folder within Capture One • / not accepted in Token paths • | character in Session Name (or session folder) causes Proxies to not render • Hang when selecting any text input eld to enter text • Cropping .ORF vertically causes hang • Emptying “unavailable” images from catalog Trash is impossible • Renaming of a Catalog … Read More →

Review Profoto New & Current Firmware Releases

RENTAL Extravaganza

    D2 | New in Firmware A6  • Improved fan controller to reduce standby noise.• Added sync filter to avoid unintentional flash triggering• Minor bug fixes                             B1/B1x | New in firmware version E2 • Fixed bug that could cause big TTL under- exposure.• Bug fix to restore the temporary display indication after a HSS flash.         … Read More →

Mac OS High Sierra (10.13) NOT currently supported in Capture One


User experience will vary, but as of this moment, Capture One 10.2 is not compatible with Apple’s newest operating system, High Sierra (10.13) We DO NOT recommend upgrading to macOS High Sierra at this time, due to reports of compatibility issues from Trailblazing clients.

XF Feature Update #4 – ReCalibration NECESSARY


As covered previously in the post XF Focus Trim, the XF has long had the ability to calibrate to each lens attached to it and calibrating the system in this way should be viewed as an absolute necessity for accurate results in autofocusing. Anyone who has followed my trimming procedure in the past or have had their cameras custom tuned by me absolutely need to re-calibrate their lenses immediately after updating … Read More →

Capture One 10.2 Released & Approved


  10.2 Bug fixes (Mac) • Fixed an issue where mounted Network shares caused performance issue • Various crashes and hangs • Various Localization errors • Clicking a token in Naming Format gets a black line around it • Default workspace not saved after closing • Cursor tool shortcuts are lost when using a custom keyboard shortcut set and switching licenses • Catalog Import imports trashed pictures • Moving all … Read More →

Top 10: Feature Update #4 & HAP-2 Update


Today, Phase One has released Feature Update #4 for the XF camera system and IQ digital backs, yet again opening up new features and functionality to existing cameras. This is an especially exciting release because it has primarily to do with focus, whether it be the automated Focus Trim tool for system calibration, manual control over the autofocus motors, or the new AFr mode (read on,) this update aims to … Read More →

A few hours with the Phase One Achromatic IQ3 100

A few hours with the Phase One Achromatic IQ3 100

  We received our first Phase One IQ3 100 Achromatic back on Friday.   There has been strong anticipation of this back since its release due to all the feature improvements over the previous Achromatic P45+ and IQ260.  So I decided to grab it and shoot it for a few hours over the weekend.  I strongly believe that you can’t support a product properly unless you have had it in … Read More →

Capture Pilot 1.11 Released


The long awaited update for Capture Pilot released today and provides: – A new XF-like interface – Is compatible with devices up to iPhone 7 & 7 plus , iPad (2017) , iPad Pro 12.7″ & 9.7″ – Is compatible with iOS 11 – Provides 64bit support   As the version number indicates, this is not a completely new version of Capture Pilot but simply a compatibility update, and while … Read More →

XF Firmware Feature Update #3 (3.09.3) – SR 4


The newly released XF Feature Update #3 Service Release 4 Combined Updater: Updates the XF Camera Body to Firmware 3.08.2 Updates IQ3 60mp & 80mp digital backs to Firmware 3.04.3 Updates IQ3-100, IQ1-100, IQ3-50, IQ250, IQ150 to Firmware 5.08.2 Updates IQ140, IQ160, IQ180, IQ260, IQ280, IQ260-Achromatic to Firmware 8.04.3   Corrects an issue which could lead to an internal error code #221 being displayed. (primarily seen in connection with Live … Read More →

XF Hyperfocal Calibration


The hyperfocal point of a lens is defined to be the distance between the lens and the closest object that is still sharp when the lens is focused at infinity.  The envelope of sharp focus is determined by the accuracy of your autofocus to precisely hit the distant point being focused on, and the f-stop being used at the time of capture that as f-stop numbers rise, broadens your Depth of … Read More →