XF Hyperfocal Calibration


The hyperfocal point of a lens is defined to be the distance between the lens and the closest object that is still sharp when the lens is focused at infinity.  The envelope of sharp focus is determined by the accuracy of your autofocus to precisely hit the distant point being focused on, and the f-stop being used at the time of capture that as f-stop numbers rise, broadens your Depth of … Read More →

New Leica M10 Firmware Update

Leica Firmware

  Version is available for the Leica M10. The new firmware fixes a bug that in some instances produced black images when using short exposure times. Select the image below and scroll to the bottom of the page to download new firmware.

Travel safely with the Phase One XF (DF/DF+ too)


The Phase One XF is the latest in the 645 format cameras that originally started with the Mamiya 645AF film platform.  And in the myriad of new features available on this digital powerhouse, one feature is specifically designed around the safety and longevity of the system: When you power down the body the mirror automatically retracts to its safety position, up and out of the way in the mirror box. … Read More →

CI USB / Active – Optical Long Run Solution

CI USB Active- optical long Run Solution

  Maximize Your Studio Productivity With Our Exclusive Solution Product This CI USB / Active – Optical Long Run Solution was created by our very own XF Expert, Mr. Brad Kaye.  Brad introduced this product to our CI customers to not only facilitate longer than 32′ USB tether distances with no drop in continuity or speed, but to do so without needing ac power from the wall by making use of … Read More →

Capture One 10.1.2 Released


10.1.2 Bug fixes (Mac) • Importing all images from a CF card doesn’t work • Capture Pilot Server – histogram is not showing metadata until you tag the pictures with a color • Navigator tool rectangle not cropped correctly • Folder in catalog will not sync after deleting and adding it again • Workspace not saved properly • OpenCL indication discrepancy on laptops • Rating in Smart Albums doesn’t work … Read More →

Broncolor Compatibility Chart

Broncolor compatitbility

Make the most of your Broncolor equipment by reviewing this comprehensive Broncolor Compatibility Chart for lampheads, and power packs. View PDF: Broncolor Compatibility List 

EIZO: Selecting the best monitor for your use


Make Your Selection With Ease… We all are familiar with the stellar reputation of the EIZO Monitors and appreciate the quality of their products. At Capture Integration, we are always testing products to make sure we thoroughly understand their functions. Here is a chart that helps us note the differences between the 27″ EIZO Monitors. Please Select This Link To Reivew The EIZO 27inch Monitors Chart. Remember to contact us regarding … Read More →

Tech Tip: Live View Frame Rate – Aperture Matters!


If you’ve ever noticed the Live View of your Phase One CMOS back stuttering and you’d like to smooth it out, the following is worth noting. Live View on Phase One IQ CMOS technology digital backs (50mp & 100mp) work independently of the ISO that it is set to and does not serve to preview your exposure. Changing your ISO to a higher value will not help Live View in … Read More →

New Release: Capture One Pro 10.1


Putting User Experience Center Stage Dedicated to enriching the Capture One Pro experience for everyone by adding new key features while improving existing ones and making Capture One workflow even more satisfying for photographers everywhere… Phase One Releases Capture 10.1. Created with the top pros and up-and-coming photographers in mind, Phase One is dedicated to serving all those who seek new ways to reach their most challenging and creative goals. New … Read More →

New Scoro WiFi & bronControl for Desktop

Scoro WiFi & bronControl for desktop

  Broncolor is proud to announce the new Scoro WiFi/RFS2, bringing a new level of intuitive control to the legendary Scoro product line. Integrated into the new Scoro WiFi/RFS2 products is broncolor’s innovative WiFi technology. Using no additional equipment, you can now control your flash pack from any WiFi capable iOS, Android, Mac, or PC device. A phone, tablet, or computer now brings the Scoro’s immense capability to your fingertips. … Read More →