Tech Tip: XF Multi-Icon View


All XF Tools available through Bottom Row Icons   As I stated before in my blog post, Top 11 features of Feature Update #3 for the XF, by setting one of the 4 icons to bring up the icon menu, you’re two taps away from accessing every tool the XF has, avoiding unnecessary swiping across the top display.  Don’t forget!

XF Focus Trim


The ability to tune your camera specifically to your lenses has been around for sometime, not only on Canon & Nikon DSLR’s but also on medium format bodies like the Phase One 645DF+ The modular design of Phase One cameras and digital backs introduces some variance with where the exact sensor plane of focus is and rather than tweaking those physical distances with shims as thin as .01mm like on … Read More →

Capture One 10.01 – Released


Phase One has released an update to Capture One 10 as a .01 change to the new software.   10.0.1 Bug fixes (Mac) Lagging while quickly browsing through images by holding the arrow key down The Mac crash reporter does not find a crash report when Capture One is force quit Crash if no collection selected and we select next collection The Mac crash reporter often fails to find the … Read More →

TECH: Capture One 10 is supported


  Today marks the release of the 10th version of Phase One’s Capture One software and this version not only has some nice new features but has been rebuilt in its core from the ground up, realizing new speed on whatever machine it runs on, whether you’re scrolling through images, editing critical detail at 100%, or creating lens cast calibrations. The new features I’m most excited about are: #1 Optimized LCC … Read More →

XF Firmware Feature Update #3 (3.03.5) – SR 2 [Approved]


Tested & Approved On our CI test cameras and client cameras, SR2 is proving to be a solid firmware build. While still too early to give it the gold seal approval, this is the best option for making use of the expanded options in Feature Update #3.

XF Firmware Feature Update #3 (3.03.5) – SR 2


We are currently testing the updated Service Release 2 of Feature Update #3 for XF and IQ series digital backs. In testing so far it has resolved the erroneous Low Battery Warnings and we have not seen any other bugs so far. Newly available download is available below for trailblazers..

XF Firmware Feature Update #3 (3.01.23) – SR 1


We are currently testing the updated Service Release of Feature Update #3 for XF and IQ series digital backs. The beta had been testing well and had completely corrected the previous timing issues with the leaf shutter lenses, but had introduced some variability in autofocus acuity that we will soon determine if has also been remedied. Download is available below for trailblazers.. Please see our Download Archive for Feature Update … Read More →

XF Firmware #3 (3.01.10) Not Yet Advised


Thru direct testing and client documented experiences we have found that there are some conflicts in the Firmware Update #3 for XF that can cause Capture Errors and Mirror Box errors on some XF cameras. In a few rare cases the functionality of the prism viewfinder was also negatively affected. Phase One is aware of the problem and are working on the fix, but if you haven’t updated already, you … Read More →

Tech Tip: XF Feature Update #3 for Credo Users


The combined updater file released today is very nice because the single package works for all IQ-series back, whether IQ1, IQ2 or IQ3, CCD or CMOS.  Credo users, however, can’t make use of this combined update. Located instead on the Mamiya Leaf firmware update page is a version that your Credo will recognize. Click here to go to the update page, or click the links below for direct downloads. Phase One XF … Read More →

Top 11 Features of XF Feature Update #3


Phase One has released the 2nd major update to the XF camera in Firmware Version 3. Feature Update #2 dramatically expanded the tool set embedded into the XF camera including Time Lapse, HDR Bracketing and Focus Stacking.  Feature Update #3 expands upon that with a reworking of the entire User Interface with the addition of subtle refinements to all the base and Version 2 tools, as well as a few new features … Read More →