Cambo Wide RS Wooden Grips

Here is a side by side comparison of the Wide RS with and without the new wooden hand grips. One can clearly see the physical differences between these two units. However, what stood out most while documenting these differences, was the weight. The wooden grips not only feel lighter than their metal counterparts but feel incredibly more stable in my hand. For those interested in upgrading their Wide RS models … Read More →

Lifting the Veil of Arca Swiss

Screen shot 2011-02-07 at 12.32.13 PM

***NOTE – An earlier version of this blog post was accidentally published way before completion and showed up in the inbox of many of our RSS subscribers. Please delete that early draft if you received it and consider this the final published version – thank you. On January 27 Martin Vogt, part of the Vogt family – owners of Arca Swiss – journeyed to our Atlanta location and spent 2 … Read More →

Meeting Cambo – Long Time Partner

Our second day at Photokina started off with a long meeting with Henk and Rene of Cambo Photograhic Industries.  One of the huge advantages of owning your own company is that you can decide whose products you choose to promote.  In my eyes, products are just products and only a small part of the business equation.  Some of the most important aspects of my business are never seen by my … Read More →

Hands On: the new Arca Swiss RM3Di

By Dave Gallagher I have been in the large format business for over 20 years now.  Architectural photography is a medium that I still have a passion for and love the technical aspects of the format.  Loving the medium and shooting it myself, we have all the best gear in our demo collection or as my wife says “toys that make male photographers weak in the knees.”   So it was … Read More →

Copal Shutter Repairs On the Rise

A must read if you use a Technical Camera or View Camera. One of the best parts of working for Capture Integration is the direct interaction our company has with the technicians and engineers at the manufacturer’s we represent. This email came from the Head of Technical Services at Cambo. Note that while his English is very good he is not a native speaker. We like to share with you … Read More →

Cambo Wide RS w/ Rod. 40mm TS

Cambo Wide RS w/ Rod. 40mm TS

Editors note: If you have any interest in landscape photography, traditional or alternative film and print processes, or enjoy photo forums but find yourself sometimes turned off by the typical forum-bickering-and-posturing, we strongly recommend the forum. They provide a positive environment for the discussion of photography, aesthetics, techniques and gear. The members are very knowledgeable and helpful and the discussions are very often the best place on the web … Read More →

I got your Mini View Cameras!

Today we opened some fabulous packages which included an Arca Swiss M2 MF and a Linhof Techno (the first in the country). I was amazed at the size and weight of these new products. Mini View Cameras have been around for a while, but these 2 new products take the category into an even more compact direction, while maintaining advanced functionality. Just for fun, I put together several generations of … Read More →

Cambo Announces a Tilt Swing Solution


Compatible with these bodies: Cambo Wide DS Cambo Wide RS Cambo Wide Compact Compatible with Rodenstock: 28HR, 35HR, 40HR, 45, 55, 70HR, 90HR Compatible With Schneiders: 47, 58, 60, 72, 80, 90, 100, 120 & 150 Technical Advantages: Allows use of Scheimpflug principal Uses highly regarded Schneider and Rodenstock lenses Does not magnify focal length Does not add glass to the optical path Very little size/weight added to system Possible … Read More →

Cambo Leveling Base

Cambo is introducing a new accessory for the WideRS, consisting of a Leveling Base for fine-tuned control of the camera’s level to match exact vertical linearity. This Base also allows for 360 degrees panning in levelled position, with a clear zero-position, useful for reaching the lens control settings in difficult set-ups, and useful to perform panoramic-like movements based on use of the integrated scales.

Cambo’s Tech Ground-Glass + Viewer

Cambo’s Tech Ground-Glass + Viewer

Cambo showed a new viewing bellows and ground glass for their wide-angle technical bodies at their Photokina booth. The combination of ground glass and a light-blocking bellow viewer offers a usable ground-glass-focusing solution to photographers shooting untethered in the field.