Broncolor: 25% Off Scoro WiFi & Para

Broncolor Scoro WiFi and Para 25% Off

Promotion Ends August 31st! Starting July 2nd… 25% off all broncolor Scoro WiFi packs and Para light shapers! If you’ve been waiting to bring your lighting tools up to the best available, now is the time!  

Canon Instant Rebates Continued…

Canon Instant Rebates

  Canon has extended their May 2018 Instant Rebates which will now end on August 4th! The extension comes with a few changes in rebates and a camera accessory bundle savings promotion! Make sure you check out the updated rebates below and take advantage of these great savings before August 4th! Contact Capture Integration at 877-217-9870 to place your order today. Get a free corresponding Canon battery grip when purchasing any of … Read More →

I Dream Of Cambo Rear Base Tilt

Cambo Rear base Tilt Upgrade

Does Cambo exist just to grant wishes for photographers? I’m starting to think this may be the case. I now refer to Cambo as Jeannie. For that is what they have done, yet again. Having provided Cambo Actus cameras to many of you, I have also heard your requests for additional features over the years, and one of them has been for rear tilt. Well Cambo has heard this, and … Read More →

Phase One 2018 Summer Specials

Phase One IQ1 50MP Digital Back and Kit Summer 2018 Promotion

Own A New Phase One IQ1 50MP Kit Today! For our 1st Summer Special, we are excited to announce a new special price for the Phase One IQ1 50MP digital back kit! The IQ1 50/XF Kit includes: New IQ1 50MP Digital Back, New XF Camera Body and Prism Viewfinder, New Schneider Kreuznach 80mm LS f/2.8 Blue Ring Lens and a 1 Year Warranty. This is the lowest price for a brand new Phase One 50MP … Read More →

Hot Summer Rental Deals…

Capture Inte gratin Rental Promotions

1. 17.76% Off July Rental Orders In celebration of Independence Day starting July 1st – July 31st, mention the “1776 Deal” when you call in to schedule your rental and receive 17.76% off your entire rental order! 2. $150 Weekly Lens and XF Back Up Body Rental Enjoy the Phase One Experience Starting Now Until June 30th! Have you been wanting to try the latest lens on the market, but … Read More →

Test Drive the Leica M10 or SL Free for 24hrs!

Leica M10 and SL

Capture Integration is pleased to announce a Leica SL and M10 Camera System 24-hour Test Drive Program. Experience professional ruggedness without compromising quality in the Leica SL and M10 Camera System. Capture Integration’s 24-hour Test Drive Program allows you to experience German engineering at its best. So, go ahead, take a Leica SL or M10 for a drive! This test drive includes a FREE day of rental with the Leica SL, … Read More →

Canon May 2018 Instant Rebates

Canon Rebates

  Canon has issued an instant rebate on various items purchased from now through June 2, 2018. A large number of cameras and lenses are available (including the Canon 5DS and Canon 5D Mark IV), so be sure to check the rebates. Contact Capture Integration at 877-217-9870 to place your order today.   [gravityform id=”32″ title=”true” description=”true”]  

Get up to 40% off an upgrade to Phase One

Get up to 40% off an upgrade to Phase One IQ3 100

Trade-in your current Aptus/Aptus-ll Digital Back and get up to 40% off a Phase One XF IQ3 100MP Camera System. With up to 101-megapixels of resolution, the XF Camera System gives the photographer endless creative possibilities. Flexible and modular, the XF Camera is a future-proof platform, built to grow with the photographer. Included in the offer is the XF Camera Body, the IQ3 100MP Digital Back, your free choice of Blue … Read More →

Upgrade to Phase One Blue Ring Today…

Phase One Blue Ring Lens Upgrade

Now is the time to upgrade your LS lens… Have you been wanting the new AFr (Focus Recompose) feature and don’t have the Blue Line lenses that it works with?  Did you take the credit for the 80mm lens with your XF upgrade and yet still want that 80mm Blue Ring Lens?  Capture Integration will now be offering upgrades from non Blue Ring LS lenses to the latest Blue Ring … Read More →

Give Us Your Phase One P+ Digital Back


Owning a complete Phase One XF Camera System is within reach. Step into a whole new world of photographic possibilities with the XF platform and get industry-leading resolution, feature updates, professional quality workflow, and much more. Trade in your current P+ back and get up to 30% discount on the Certified Pre-Owned XF Camera System. With Phase One’s Certified Pre-Owned range of equipment, you can get your dream photography kit … Read More →