Monthly Prize Pool (December)


Prizes FREE Mamiya AFD 1 Body with Warranty ($700 value) FREE Capture One 5 ($99 value) Canon Poker Set ($49 value) How to Win ——-1. Subscribe to our RSS feed (instructions) ——-2. Sometime in December we will send a secret email address via RSS ——-3. Send an email to that address before 10am January 10, 2010 This secret email address will be different than the secret email addresses used in … Read More →

Best Upgrade Offers of the Year


Get a Specific Quote General Range of Trade-In Credit $4,000 – $10,000 Phase One LightPhase, H5, H10, H20, H25, P20, P20+ Leaf Volare, Cantare, Valeo CMOS, Valeo 6, Valeo 11, Valeo 17, Aptus 17 Imacon iXpress 96C, iXpress 384C, Flexframe 3020, Flexframe 4040 Hasselblad CFV, CFVII Sinar Sinarback 22, Sinarback 23 Sinarback 44 Other MegaVision S2, S3, T2, T3, E4, Kodak ProBack, Fuji Lumix, Dicomed Big Shot —– $7,000 – … Read More →

Free Profoto Accessories

Free accessories

Until the end of the year, Capture Integration is offering up to $2000 in free accessories when you purchase any Acute2 Vlaue Pack, AcuteB kit, D4 Power Pack or Pro-8 Power Pack.

Canon Instant Rebates


The following Instant Rebates will be deducted from your purchase price. No forms, mailers, or hassle. [TABLE=38] Offer Ends November 21, 2009

End of the Year Clearance

Its a very exciting time to be in our industry.   Capture Integration needs to clear some room off the shelf for some new lines of camera equipment that should be shipping very soon! Please give us a call immediately if you see anything to your liking.   It is a first come/first served scenario and we expect a few of these items to fly off the shelf at these prices. [TABLE=36] … Read More →

Arca Cube Sale [IN STOCK]

UPDATE: Check out this article about Cube-Squared. UPDATE x 2: Check out our article on fixing the Arca Swiss quick release if it pops off. ————- The Arca Swiss cube is the best of the best when it comes to precision tripod heads. Minimal Re-Framing Since all movements are along arcs (rather than a pivot point as with most tripod heads) many adjustments will not effect the framing of the … Read More →

10% Off Any Cambo Product


Every product made by Cambo is 10% off this month only, and only through Capture Integration. Cambo Wide Accessories Cambo WDS View Finder Cambo Wide DS Ground Glass Cambo Flexible Focussing Hood Cambo Leveling Base for RS Cambo Wide Bodies Cambo Wide DS Body Cambo Wide RS Body Wide Compact Body (travel camera) View Cameras for Digital Backs Cambo Ultima 23 Modern View Camera Cambo Wide Lenses Cambo Wide 23mm … Read More →

Profoto Birthday Discounts


$1,000 in Free Accessories with the purchase of: Acute 2/2R ProValue Pack or Acute2 /2R pack with 2 Heads OR Acute 600B or BR Pack OR Profoto Pro-7b / B2 Pack $2,000 in Free Accessories with the purchase of: D4 Pack We are proud to be a Profoto Dealer. Call us at 877-217-9870 to customize a package today.

RSVP for Capture Integration Event

View Capture Integration Events in a larger map We’re excited you’re RSVPing for our event. If you have any questions you can always contact us by phone or email.