Why You Need to Make 2017 Year End Purchases Today!

As everyone knows, we often see aggressive end of year promotions from manufacturers and this year is no exception. But there are reasons to purchase now – above and beyond just getting a great deal. Spend Now To Lower Your Net Taxable Income Via section 179, you can deduct up to $500,000 and more for equipment purchases, which includes new and even used hardware, and in some cases, software. Had a … Read More →

Upgrade Your SINAR View Camera

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Digital Fine Focus Upgrade If you own a Sinar p3, a Sinar p2, or a Sinar x view camera and would like to update your fine focusing drive? Sinar has a simple and quick solution for you – with an all inclusive service. Details Send your Sinar partner your Sinar view camera Sinar performs the upgrade and fit the camera with digital fine focus drives Sinar repairs everything on the camera that … Read More →

Shop Broncolor Promotions Now!

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    From now through December 15, you can purchase broncolor accessories with a 20% savings.   Trade in your professional studio packs & lampheads and get trade-in credit equal to:  20% savings on the purchase of Scoro E with Pulso G or Unilite lampheads 25% savings on the purchase of Scoro S with Pulso G or Unilite lampheads Promotion Expires December 15th.   With the purchase of any eligible Siros or … Read More →

Get A Free Day of Rental This Thanksgiving!


 Reserve your rental from 11/22 – 11/26 and receive a free day of rental. *All rentals must be reserved by 11/21.    New Low Rental Rates on all Phase One Digital Backs, Canon & Leica Systems.   Rent Leica with Confidence Fall Special ​Leica S (Typ. 007) & 70mm ASPH Lens $195 / day Leica SL (Typ. 601) & 24-90mm ASPH Lens $125 / day Leica M10 & Your choice … Read More →

Check Out ALPA’s Limited Kits & More…


ALPA 12 SWA / Helvatar 43mm – Limited Kit The ultimate wide-angle kit on classical roll-film. The Schneider ALPA Apo-Helvetar 5.6 / 43 mm corresponds to a focal length of 20/21 mm in 35mm and represents a highlight of the symmetrical lens construction. Thanks to the large lens image circle, together with the ALPA 12 SWA images with correction of converging lines (shift) with extremely low optical distortion become reality. … Read More →

0% APR Just In Time For The Holidays

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Take your photography to the next level. Take advantage of 0% APR financing for 24 months. Save Money: Spread the cost of your new equipment over the life of the lease with as little as one payment down. Let the equipment pay for itself as you use it! Industry Experts: Capture Integration has partnered with Amur Equipment Finance which has provided leasing and financial solutions to the Photography industry for over two decades. … Read More →

Advanced Phase One XF Gallery Tour Wrap Up

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Today, physical proximity is both underrated and overrated. The cell phone number for every CI team member is listed on the staff page. We have email, text and video-based chat. We’re knowledgeable and we respond before and after standard business hours (what photographer actually works standard business hours?). If our clients need help, if they need information, we have it for them. But as great as modern communications has become, … Read More →

Thank you to our Customers and Magna Chrome

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In this age of digital capture, the single biggest aspect we are missing is seeing our amazing images printed. There are no proof sheets. There are no polaroids. There is no shoe box of prints.  How many of our images are lost forever due to some data mistake or archiving blunder? So for this year’s CI road tour we decided to print some of our favorite customer’s images up to 80″ wide and bring them to our customers to view.  And the results were nothing short of spectacular. Read More →

Phase One Image Professor Is Coming to Charlotte!


Join Us Capture Integration is hosting the Phase One IQ3 100 Trichromatic Tour in North Carolina! Phase One’s Image Professor Niels V. Knudsen will share highlights, unique features and demonstrate why the Trichromatic is a game changer for photographers that love working with colors! Here is what you will learn: IQ3 100MP Trichromatic  The science behind the Trichromatic technology What does Trichromatic mean for photographers Why Trichromatic will change the … Read More →