Photographer Spotlight: Kelly Serfoss

Kelly Serfoss

Kelly grew up in northwest Montana. Seeing the finest natural wonders in the country daily, he was fortunate to have been exposed early in life to international experiences through his parents’ mission work. He moved to LA for college, and now lives in Venice with his wife Kate, a rockstar entertainment attorney, and doodle Bruno. Fun fact: His travel goal is to visit 60 countries by age 40. Though he still has a few years to go, he has already visited 54 countries. Read More →

CI Digital Tech Spotlight Brian Merwin


How did you begin your career in the photo industry? Like a lot of us, I got started in photography as a hobby and slowly started picking up small shoots on the side while holding down a somewhat stuffy corporate office job. At a time when I was starting to become extremely burned out in the corporate world, my photography was also starting to pick up steam. Mostly portraiture, live … Read More →

Photographer Spotlight: Renee Comet

Tandoori Lobster

Meet Renee Comet Renee is a noted advertising photographer specializing in food photography. Whatever the subject, her visual treatment can best be described as uncomplicated, fluid, and elegant. Her distinctive work has appeared in advertising, packaging, cookbooks and digital content. Some of her clients include: PopCorners, FoodNetwork, Glutino, Australian Lamb, Marriott International, USDA, Ritz-Carlton, US Postal Service and American Diabetes. Renee is a food photographer that does not like to … Read More →

Photographer Spotlight: Anthony Wallen


Anthony was born in Nashville, TN—the son of a preacher man. He moved every four years or so depending on which church his father was sent to resurrect, but the majority of his formative years were spent in Southern California. He went to  college in Huntsville, Alabama, where he met his future wife. From there, Anthony has lived in South Florida for a bit before landing in Atlanta. Currently, he splits his time between work and figuring out how to keep their three teenagers from “getting lost” in technology. Read More →

Photographer Spotlight: KT Merry


KT was born in Mammoth Lakes, California, raised in the mountains and then Japan as her Dad was in the Marine Corps. Later, she went to high school in a small town in Northern Nevada and spent her summers working on a cattle ranch as a wrangler. Animals were her first love and art was her second. In her junior year of high school, KT’s photography teacher invited her to a photography competition in Las Vegas, NV held by the Vocational Industrial Clubs of America (VICA). She won at the state level and at the national competition in Kansas, she was runner up and secured two full scholarships to photography school. This placed her on the path to become a photographer. Read More →

Photographer Spotlight: Michael Moore


Michael was born and raised in the South. He’s been married for 23 years to his college sweetheart and they have three beautiful daughters. Tuscaloosa, Ala., is his home. Michael has a degree in Business Management and has been a photographer for 9 years for both commercial and editorial clients. He’s also completed three Ironman Triathlons, loves good coffee and has jumped out of a perfectly good airplane… twice! Read More →

Photographer Spotlight: Jeffery Salter


Growing up, every three years or so Jeffery and his family would move to another city. His father was an Army engineer and was required to live on many military bases nationally and international, which included France and Germany. So when asked where he’s from… his response is Texas since that was his father’s last duty station. Jeffery currently lives in Miami, FL with his wife, their two kids, two cats and five chickens (all hens). When he is not working on advertising commissions or editorial projects, he can be found riding his motorcycle, exploring the Florida Keys, or Everglades. Read More →

Photographer Spotlight: Thomas Holdsworth

Mad Mex Lakeside_int a

I grew up on the coast in Connecticut, and had every expectation that I’d return after college to work in NYC – it’s what many suburbanite kids in the “tri-state” area aspire to. That all changed after I attended Virginia Tech’s college of architecture in the Blue Ridge mountains. I had an incredibly fulfilling experience there, and as a bonus, met my wife Renée just prior to graduation. In 2000, I started as an intern architect with a firm in downtown Baltimore. Thanks to “The Wire”, Baltimore has a reputation as a gritty place to live – but there’s a positive side to it that often gets overlooked. I’ve met so many hard-working, talented and gracious folks, especially in the local A/E/C community. I’ve come across mentors and opportunities that might have proved difficult to find in other cities. So I’m still here – we bought a small disaster of an old house in a quiet neighborhood and are renovating it at a glacial pace. Read More →

Photographer Spotlight: Adam Ewing


I was born and raised in Richmond, Virginia. I went to college at Virginia Commonwealth University, and ultimately ended up settling in Richmond with my wife who I met when we were 19. In the past, I had a wide range of jobs from working on a horse farm to being a bike messenger, risking my life on a daily basis weaving in and out of traffic. Over the years, I have traveled a considerable amount for work, but always find myself coming back to RIC as I love it. I have primarily been an advertising and editorial photographer for the last 11 years and plan to keep doing it until it’s not fun anymore. I have a studio downtown, but am just as comfortable working wherever our jobs take us. I specialize in portraiture, but also do a considerable amount of action photography, some men’s fashion and still life photography. Read More →

Photographer Spotlight: Edward Cohen

Old Havana

Meet Edward Cohen Edward, CEO of Boca Terry, resides in Delray Beach, FL with his beautiful wife of 42 years. Together they have two children and four grand children. Edward was brought up in the garment industry (family owned) but decided to leave the business in the mid 1990’s. Shortly after leaving, Edward partnered with is brother to open  Boca Terry. Their company manufactures and distributes high end bathrobes, towels … Read More →