When 2MP were the MVP


Twelve years ago on January 28th 2001, the Baltimore Ravens became the 3rd Wild Card team to win the Superbowl.  The game was memorable only for the fact that the Giants were surprisingly outplayed and that a defensive player – Ray Lewis – became only the 2nd linebacker in 35 years to win the coveted MVP award and proclaim his trip to Disney.   I was fortunate enough to be … Read More →

Business Advantages Of Medium Format – R. J. Kern

© R. J. Kern

Business advantages of Medium Format vs DSLR Here is another great post from R. J. Kern, discussing the business advantages of medium format. R.J. is a wedding, engagement, and lifestyle photographer based in Minneapolis, MN. Posted January 30, 2013 at www.kern-photo.com This is a continuation in my series for photographers on tips for the transition to digital medium format. This installment in the series isn’t all about gear, but rather focusing … Read More →

Jeff Ludes creates the new Ford Fusion ad campaign


One of our great clients, Jeff Ludes, was recently chosen to craft the new ads for the 2013 Ford Fusion, and boy – they are something. Watch the video below, as Jeff directs and crafts a whole city scene and physically paints cars to make them mirror like. Watch as he uses his Cambo Wide RS and IQ 160 & 180 digital backs to create a stunning and conceptual campaign … Read More →

Profile: John Slemp

John Slemp

Aviation is a subject just begging for stories to be told, and the people involved in creating new aircraft, in flying them, and maintaining them are some of the best people you’ll ever come across. Fun stuff I’ve worked on recently include creating images for the Goodyear Aviation Tire calendar. The aircraft featured this year is a Lockheed 12A Electra Junior, which was restored over an 18 year period by … Read More →

Profile: R. J. Kern


R. J. Kern is an award-winning Denver Wedding Photographer who takes a fresh approach to wedding photography. Using a blend of candid photojournalism, modern portraiture, and fun, real-moment photography, he will work to completely capture images on the wedding day. R. J.’s clients love both the quality of his work as well as his contagious enthusiasm. Here he is doing something a little different: R. J. recently returned from an assignment in … Read More →

Profile: Michael J. Moore

Profile: Michael J. Moore

Go behind-the-scenes with commerical and editorial-portrait photographer Michael J. Moore. The photo shoot took place in the abandoned section of a working mental hospital – his vision was to place beautiful subjects into an unusual location to create a unique set of images. Michael collaborated with Chris Snipes and the CI Team to use the best equipment for this project. Check out more of Michael’s work at www.michaeljmoorephotography.com

Gary Bogdon and the Kentucky Derby

This year was my 30th year of photographing the Kentucky Derby. I was on assignment for Sports Illustrated magazine, where I’m a regular contributing photographer. I was working with Sports Illustrated staffers Bill Frakes and Heinz Kluetmeier. I grew up in the greater Louisville , KY area. As a high school senior I photographed my first Derby as a ‘stringer’ for the Louisville Courier Journal (my hometown newspaper) and got … Read More →

Jeff Lubeck – So Is A Jump To Medium Format Worth It?

The Bottom line I chose to make the jump. How do I feel six months after making that choice? I can say it has been worth it for me. However when it comes to yourself, I strongly suggest you take great care in arriving at a decision. If photography is your vocation the decision, in my opinion, is much more straightforward. Business is business – and if the move to … Read More →

Recap: Zack Arias – It Might Get Bright

Zack Arias

Team Capture Integration took part in a night of shooting, learning, and investigating, along with 100 other attendees at the studio of Zack Arias on May 11, 2012. With 300 people expressing interest in attending (the event was limited to the first 100), it was an anticipated evening that didn’t disappoint. Capture Integration provided a wide assortment of medium format cameras and digital backs that were assembled all in one … Read More →

Scarpati – Cramp, Slash & Burn

Cramp, Slash & Burn "when punk and glam were twins"

Scarpati, whose images span four waves of modern music and have become some of the most enduring iconics of metal, rock and punk, was raised in New Jersey, came of age in San Diego, gained notoriety in Los Angeles, now calls the world his home and Nashville his return address. “Think of me as an innocent bystander, there was no master plan. No carefully tended career path. I loved rock … Read More →