What’s in Zack Arias’ bag…..

zacks bag of cameras

  We love straight forward, no nonsense customers who tell us like it is. Zack Arias has been one of our favorite customers for quite some time. And that does not mean that he always agrees with us.  In fact, we want our customers to be bluntly honest like we are with them.  Sometimes we can fix the problems and sometimes we do everything we can and still can’t fix … Read More →

Photographer Spotlight: Jeannine Henebry

Jeannine Henebry in Tasmania

Meet Jeannine Henebry This month we are pleased to spotlight the amazingly talented Jeannine Henebry.  Jeannine grew up in a tight-knit golf-loving family in Chicago, which prepared her for a photographic journey through the landscapes of golf. She went to California to study at the Pasadena Art Center and decided to make California her home. With her brother John, they developed a professional photography career AKA “The Henebrys” specializing in photographing … Read More →

Photographer Spotlight: Dana Neibert


We are excited to relaunch Photographers Spotlight and feature the amazingly talented Dana Neibert! Dana is a photographer based in Coronado, California where he resides with his wife and two children. When he’s not creating images he is reliving his youth with his children on skateboards, surfboards, jetskis, tennis courts or soccer fields. Why Capture Integration? What made you select us as a partner? The biggest factor with high-end equipment … Read More →

Photographer Spotlight: Chris Gillett


As a leading headshot, and portraiture photographer Chris Gillett continues to excel in capturing his subjects at their best. We sat down with Chris to chat about what gear he likes to use, optimal lighting, and his future plans. Please tell us more about how you selected digital medium format for your headshot workflow. Why did you depart from 35mm? The look. I cannot get the same look with DSLR … Read More →

Photographer Spotlight – Faran Najafi


With splashes of color that mesmerize the viewer, to stellar monochromatic compositions – Faran Najafi’s body of work intertwines form and style seamlessly. Faran is a California based Photographer and Art Director. His photography is simple, clean and modern. His love for architecture is often integrated with his photography concepts. He is a published Art+Commerce, VOGUE.IT Photo, and American Salon photographer. Traveling always inspires him and allows him to stay connected to … Read More →

Photographer Spotlight – David Benoliel

Photographer Spotlight – David Benoliel

Fashion photographer David Benoliel has been a friend of the CI family for years, partnering with us on some fantastic workshops in the Miami area. When the Phase One IQ3 100 was announced, David was one of the first people we thought of that could push this amazing system to its limits with his distinctive visual style and creativity. And, as always, David was excited to try a new tool … Read More →

Photographer Spotlight – Ben Norsa


With camera in hand, Ben Norsa has been collecting stories and capturing images of nature, whilst navigating untracked terrain in pristine Australian landscapes. His nature photography collection comes from long hikes with a small group of adventurers in truly wild places, where it is unusual to see another soul in 6 or 7 days. Climbing and trekking whilst lugging over 25kg of medium format camera gear and necessities, in sometimes extreme … Read More →

Photographer Spotlight – Alistair Tutton


Alistair Tutton is one of the funniest, brightest, and most cheerful clients we’ve had the pleasure of working with. Be it for customer support needs, rental inquiries, or furthering his business through sales, Alistair’s good humor and professionalism in his portfolio and business shines through every interaction he has with us at Capture Integration, and we’re glad we got a moment to sit down and talk with him about his photography. Anyone … Read More →

Photographer Spotlight – Wedig & Laxton


Tim Wedig and Andrea Laxton have been collaborating together since they met in art school – finding a very strong connection with their photography and each other. The two both went on to graduate from The Art Institute of Atlanta and each finishing with Best In Show portfolios. Together they have won many awards from Applied Arts, Graphis, CMYK, SinarBron US., and multiple Addys. Now married with an amazing son, … Read More →

Photographer Spotlight – Tony Roslund

© Tony Roslund | IQ160

Tony Roslund is a third-generation photographer who grew up in the family’s studios and labs of Northern Virginia. Today, Tony and his team operate a 4000sf studio in Spokane, WA and work regularly on-location or with rental studios in Seattle. With his wide social media reach and workshop experience, he’s a photographer who isn’t afraid to open up and talk about himself and his business. We’re glad we were able … Read More →