Three New Phase One XT Lenses Announced

Phase One XT Feild Camera Lens

Phase One announced that there will be three NEW Phase One XT Field Camera Lenses released in 2020! Three Phase One XT Field Camera Lenses Coming in 2020: Current Phase One XT Field Camera Lenses: New Lens Shipping Date… Phase One says that the  XT – HR Diagron – W 50mm f/4 lens will start shipping as early as May 1st, 2020!   Want to Learn More? Contact your CI … Read More →

3 Tech Cameras Walk Into a Bar

_X6A2370 2 copy

Breaking News: Now 6 Lenses for the XT Camera  Today, Phase One announced 3 new lenses for the XT Camera System, the Rodenstock 50HR-W, the Rodenstock 90HR-SW, and a lens in the 100mm+ range (likely the 138 HR Float). This got me to thinking about the Phase One XT Camera System, and its standing and impact in the technical camera segment (or as Phase One wants to call it, the … Read More →

Phase One Labs – Dual Exposure+


  When we first starting working with IQ4-150 in Fall of 2018, the swipe of a window revealed a small beaker.  Within that beaker was the control panel for Frame Averaging, a feature that we were truly excited about delving into.  The concept behind that swipe out menu and beaker was the pathway to the new Phase One Labs where you could experiment with beta tools the team in Denmark … Read More →

Phase One System Firmware 7 for IQ4

Released publicly today, System Firmware 7.00.7 (including IQ4-150 Firmware 5.00.13) squashes some bugs, refines the UI and makes vast improvements to Live View as well as re-introducing Phase One Labs and a new beta feature called DualExposure+. System Firmware 7.00.7 Bug Fixes & Improvements at a glance: The Automatic Frame Averaging numbers in metadata are now identical to what is set on screen. The Timelapse sequence no longer stops after … Read More →

IQ4-150 Frame Averaging for Noise Reduction


It’s no secret that I’m an absolute fan of Frame Averaging on the IQ4-150, not just for creating mid-day motion blurs without Neutral Density, but for noise reduction captured images. I now shoot a Frame Averaged base layer to every shot I do, whether it’s purely a natural light environment or a scene I’m about to light or paint with light.   Having this base layer gives me wonderfully recoverable shadows … Read More →

Phase One IQ3 Trichromatic, XF, and Lens Special

XF with Prism Viewfinder and full Blue Ring lens line

Phase One IQ3 100 Trichromatic CPO at the lowest price ever…   The 101-megapixel Trichromatic sensor, designed with focus on the capture of pristine and nuanced color, sets the standard for digital color capture. It is capable of replicating, closer than ever, the color definition that the human eye sees.   Add to it a NEW Phase One XF and Prism New Blue Ring lenses at $600 off  New Focal … Read More →

Blue Ring Lenses: Compatibility with Phase One XT and Cambo WRS/WRC

Screen Shot 2020-01-21 at 1.28.09 PM

Cambo has now released a standard version of the Phase One Blue Ring Lens Adapter for the Cambo WRS/WRC and Phase One XT Cameras. This combination will work with digital backs that have a built-in shutter (sensor activated electronic shutter), which work as shutterless digital back, such as the PhaseOne IQ3-100 and the IQ-4 series. The aperture of the older Mamiya lenses can be set manually, the shutter (if applicable) … Read More →

Phase One Unprecedented End of Year Specials

Phase One XF

Phase One IQ4 150 MP Upgrade Special Its time to upgrade your back to the highest quality capture system ever created. Receive $5,000 of Phase One credit when upgrading your existing system to the Phase One IQ4 150mp digital system. Trade in the credit towards other products, we will work with you to make the upgrade to fit your budget.   CPO Phase One IQ3 100 MP Trichro or Achro … Read More →

Released: XT Camera System Firmware 6.01.1


Today, Phase One releases a quick fix firmware release for the new XT Camera System, Camera System Package 6.01.1. While largely only relevant to XT shooters, IQ4 XF & technical camera shooters will also see some small refinements to the interface, suitable for all IQ4 shooters.   Highlights: This system firmware package provides support for the XT Camera System by making sure that the firmware on both the IQ4 as … Read More →

Phase One CPO IQ3 Trichro or Achro Kit for $26,990

Phase OneIQ1 50MP XF camera system

The Best CPO Promotion Of The Year From now until December 31st, Phase One is offering a Certified Pre-Owned IQ3 100MP Trichromatic OR Achromatic Kit for $26,990. The IQ3 100 Trichromatic is an IQ3 100 with superior color results, due to the uniquely modified filter pattern above the 100mp sensor.   Phase One IQ3 100 MP Trichromatic kit includes: CPO IQ3 100MP Trichromatic Kit  NEW XF with Prism 80mm BR lens 1 … Read More →