Line Drive to New England

Capture Integration | New England

Every year as the late winter months are still upon New England, the local newspapers and TV stations run the story of the Red Sox truck being packed up and gear leaving Yawkey Way to be driven down to Ft Myers, Florida – in time for pitchers and catchers reporting for Spring Training.  This is the signal to New Englanders that Spring is just around the corner, and that warmer … Read More →

AT&T line is down – Call us at 877-217-9870

Unfortunately, our AT&T phone lines are acting up again. We strive to deliver the best customer service and experience, and unfortunately AT&T is quite the opposite. Our 404 number will be down for the next four days! Our toll free line 877-217-9870 is the best way to reach us – that number is working OK. We have technicians working on the other lines, so use the toll free line or … Read More →

Jeffery Salter | 2 covers with the Phase One IQ260

Phase One IQ260 LeBron James

In the limited time that the Phase One IQ260 has been available, Miami photographer Jeffery Salter has already produced two cover shoots with the new digital back. So far, he’s thrilled with the final results. Here’s a quick recap on his recent shoots: About Jeffrey Salter Photographer Jeffery Salter captures poignancy in the familiar and commonness in the extraordinary. From housewives in Uganda, to world-renown celebrities, he has dedicated … Read More →

A Weekend with the Phase One IQ260

Happy Sad 005

I am in a bit of a luxurious position when it comes to camera equipment. I personally own a Canon 6D camera and an assortment of lenses, though I don’t own any medium format equipment personally. But I don’t really have to, since on any given day, I have 40-50 different digital backs, ranging from vintage to the very latest, in our inventory to shoot with on a variety of … Read More →

Product of the Month – Leica Coffee Cup

Leica Coffee Mug | Capture Integration

Here at the CI office, coffee is a key component of each and every workday. Capture Integration is excited to offer the limited-edition Leica coffee travel mugs – available in Noctilux-M 50mm or Summarit-S 70mm. Now those Canon lens mug owners finally have some competition. Available for purchase now in our online store. Place your order today, while supplies last. [prima_products_with_skus title=”Leica Coffee Cups” skus=”96602,96603″ numbers=”2″ columns=”2″]

Phase One World Tour in Miami – April 26th

IQ2 World Tour

Experience the IQ2 Series The Event The IQ2 World Tour is coming to Miami! Please join us for this free event on the pool deck! Renowned photographers (and long-time CI clients) Jeffery Salter and David Christensen will share their inspirational stories. They will provide insight on how they have enhanced their photographic creativity and grown their business. Also presenting is David Grover from Phase One HQ in Denmark. David is part of the Phase … Read More →

When 2MP were the MVP


Twelve years ago on January 28th 2001, the Baltimore Ravens became the 3rd Wild Card team to win the Superbowl.  The game was memorable only for the fact that the Giants were surprisingly outplayed and that a defensive player – Ray Lewis – became only the 2nd linebacker in 35 years to win the coveted MVP award and proclaim his trip to Disney.   I was fortunate enough to be … Read More →

Imaging USA 2013


We just wrapped up the Imaging USA trade show here in our hometown of Atlanta, Georgia. We have had a great time showing off who we are, what we do, and all the exciting Medium Format product we carry. To name a few products we have been featuring and demoing: Phase One, Leaf, Hasselblad, Leica, Eizo, Broncolor, and Tether Tools. It has been fun to see someone new to Medium Format’s reaction when … Read More →

Las Vegas CI Company Meeting

Can we all fit?

Every January, Capture Integration – the entire company – takes 3-4 days out of the office to meet as a team without interruptions. We review the previous year, determine how we can improve, what we can do better as a company and for our customers, and plan our activities for the new year. This is our first year holding the meeting in wild and crazy Las Vegas. Below are some … Read More →