CI and Shoot the Centerfold Workshops

Poolside 2

This is now the 4th year of Capture Integration’s close working relationship with the Shoot the Centerfold organization run by the talented Jarmo Pohjamiemi.  I just came back from our second trip to the Santorini, Greece workshop and wanted to share thoughts with you. Read More →

A few hours with the Phase One Achromatic IQ3 100

A few hours with the Phase One Achromatic IQ3 100

  We received our first Phase One IQ3 100 Achromatic back on Friday.   There has been strong anticipation of this back since its release due to all the feature improvements over the previous Achromatic P45+ and IQ260.  So I decided to grab it and shoot it for a few hours over the weekend.  I strongly believe that you can’t support a product properly unless you have had it in … Read More →

You’ve Been Captured! Kristin Partridge

Kristin Partridge

In an effort for you to get to know our Capture Integration team a little better… we are excited to announce our new Captured! column. Every month a CI team member will  share their perspectives based on the theme or topic of the month. For the month of May, we invite you to meet the lovely Ms. Kristin Partridge as she shares a little about her CI work life and … Read More →

Recap: PhotoPlus Expo 2016


The strongest team in the photographic industry.  We were proud to show the Lucie award for best MF Camera, the Phase One IQ3 100mp XF system.   PhotoPlus Expo 2016 Held annually at New York City’s Javits Center, PDN’s Photo Plus Expo proudly shows a “who’s who” of company’s important to the commercial photographic marketplace. This was “the strongest trade show that Capture Integration has ever presented at!  We really illustrated … Read More →

Why is “good enough” acceptable?


One of my supervisors at my first summer job in 1982 had a saying when he was satisfied with his task at hand, “It’s good enough for government work.”  In fact, we actually worked for a government agency, but I think that he would have said this regardless of our employer.  This adult really didn’t care whether the job was done right or wrong.  What mattered to him was that it … Read More →

CI – Los Angeles: Introducing Jen Wainz


Please welcome the newest member to our Capture Integration team, Jen Wainz. Jen is based in Los Angeles and we’re very excited to add her skills and expertise to the Capture Integration family. Ever since picking up a camera in her teens, Jen has been devoted to the world of photography. With a BFA in Photography from Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD), she has spent over a decade … Read More →

Meet our Technical Support Team


Some companies move boxes. Some companies focus on the product and push it at you relentlessly. From its outset, Capture Integration has done our best to be something different in the market. We concentrate on growing long term partnerships with our customers based on core principles. We take the concept of partnership seriously, and we know the best building block of this foundation is our people. Having the most trustworthy … Read More →

Behind the Curtains at Alpa

alpa capture integration

A few weeks back, Anthony Festa and I spent 4 days in Zurich at Alpa Headquarters. Capture Integration has been selling and supporting Alpa solutions since late 2013, and this trip was designed to help fill in some knowledge gaps, get to know the entire company more intimately, and deepen our understanding of the products and the philosophy and culture of the company. Alpa’s headquarters is a modest 2 story … Read More →

A dad who travels………


Building a successful business has meant long hours in the office and on the road.  10 years ago I started Capture Integration out of my home by securing a second mortgage and putting my life savings on the line.   I didn’t know what I was doing, but I did know what NOT to do.  I have always lived by a simple philosophy.  Treat the customer with respect and honesty, and … Read More →

The Northern View: Teamwork

Tough Mudder

Here at Capture Integration we are always emphasizing teamwork, being a team player, trusting your teammates and generally making sure that we are all pulling in the same direction.   Of course we are not the only business that does this, or tries to embrace the team culture, but we really buy into it as a group and it made me realize that the teamwork is all around us on a … Read More →