1Ds Mark III tests

1Ds Mark III tests

We’ve been testing the 1Ds Mark III and comparing it to the current line of Phase One Digital Backs. You can directly download the processed TIFF of the 1DsMarkIII, the P21, P30+, and P45 below: Canon 1dsm3 (Scene 1) – compressed TIFF (46.8MB) Phase One P21 (Scene 1) – compressed TIFF (33.2MB) Phase One P30+ (Scene 1) – compressed TIFF (60.7MB) Phase One P45 (Scene 1) – compressed TIFF (68.3MB) … Read More →

Capture One 4.0

A new version of Capture One was released this week sporting faster processing, better detail retention, and new features such as High Dynamic Range (HDR) tools. Capture Integration has been hard at work learning this new version to better help you with your transition. Tethered shooting is not supported (4.0 Pro, supporting tethered shooting is expected next year). To attend a Capture Integration Capture One 4.0 Seminar, please contact info@captureintegration.com.

Miami Expansion

As Phase One’s Partner of the Year, Capture Integration is continuing its US expansion into Miami Beach. Capture Integration has quickly become a national and international leader in the sales and rental of digital capture systems. And now there is finally a true high end systems integrator in Miami specializing in Phase One digital camera backs and Canon digital SLR’s. This expansion has led to a strategic partnership with The … Read More →

New Office and New Staff

In conjunction with the opening of our new location in Miami Beach, Capture Integration is proud to welcome two new members to our team. Lance Schad will be running our sales efforts at the new location. Lance Brings with him over 18 years of experience in the digital photography world in a variety of positions. Most recently he was the Eastern Area Sales Manager for Phase One US. Doug Peterson … Read More →

Leopard Pounces

Leopard Pounces

There’s a new cat in town with features photographers are bound to love… …Just hold off for a few weeks. A major update to the Mac Operating system was realeased worldwide on Friday, October 26. There are hundreds of new features, including Time Machine, which will offer photographers an incredibly easy way to keep incremental backups of their photos. However, it is highly recommended that photographers who rely on their … Read More →

IRS Section 179

Do you know that you can take up to $128,000 of new business equipment in write-offs this year? It could be possible to write off your whole digital back purchase in this calendar year. We have many options for financing with some payment deferments to 2008. Give us a call for more information. As always, please check with your accountant for your state’s rules.

PO Expands Platform Support

In an announcement on October 24, Phase One renewed and expanded their commitment to freedom in the selection of medium format platforms. All value-added warranties will now come with a free three-year Platform Change Guarantee. For three years after the purchase of any back with a value-added warranty Phase One owners will be able to change from their original platform free of charge. As an additional commitment to openness, Phase … Read More →

Accepting Reservations for 1Ds Mark III

Accepting Reservations for 1Ds Mark III

Canon’s new flagship 21 megapixel full frame DSLR has begun to ship. We have a large number on order and are taking reservations. Call us to get in the queue for the latest in Canon’s technology. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Shipping Authorization

This form is for clients who have specifically requested that an item be shipped to an adress other than the one on their credit card’s billing information. You only need to fill it out if specifically requested by us.