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Solve Your Color Calibration Problems And Meet Your Fellow Photographers 5/07/08. See a P45+, Eizo 24″ & LightJet Print in a Unified Workflow RSVP Below for our Miami Beach Photo Get Together and put your color calibration problems behind you May 7, 2008 at 6:30pm above The Color House (map). Come at 6:30pm to meet your fellow photographers and try high-end gear from Phase One, Mamiya, Profoto, Canon, Apple, Hasselblad, … Read More →

Phase One Body

phase one body 2

New Phase One Body Improved shutter speed range 1/4000th – 60 minutes New AF motor with 3 AF points New digital board Improved dial, shutter, grip ergonomics, AF lever (for AF mode selection) Ready for 120 frames per minute Ready for leaf shutters, expected 2008 Value Added Warranty: 3 year or 300,000 actuations (body and lens) Classic Warranty: 1 year or 100,000 actuations (body and lens) Compatible with Mamiya MF … Read More →

Atlanta’s tornado

Atlanta’s tornado

I was out of town on vacation when the F2 tornado hit downtown Atlanta. Luckily the SEC between Alabama and Mississippi went into overtime. If it had not, there could have been several thousand people heading back to their hotels or cars and the casualties could have been unbelievable. Our office is only about one mile from where it hit and we were spared, but I wanted to see what … Read More →

IAAP and Capture Integration team up

IAAP and Capture Integration team up

Editors Note: This article was contributed by Thomas Bliss, the president of the International Association of Architectural Photographers. Steadily Capture Integration has been proving itself as the authority on specific markets in our industry. If a product doesn’t exist to solve a photographic problem Capture Integration will develop one, thus establishing our branded line of exclusive products. The combination of high ideals, customer service, and the superior quality of the … Read More →

Our First Event in Miami

Our First Event in Miami

Update: Capture Integration’s Miami office will be holding a second event on April 24 @ 6:30pm. Click here to RSVP. Kudos have to go out to our two newest additions to Capture Integration, Lance Schad and Doug Peterson. We proudly opened our doors to the public a few months back and had our first open house just this past Thursday. It was refreshing to be able to hang back and … Read More →

R.I.P. Polaroid Instant Film

Last week I read some upsetting news. Polaroid is closing its plants that make their instant film. They claim that they will have enough film to last through the end of the year. They are also looking for companies that would be interested in taking over production. This only leaves Fujifilm around for instant film. Here are some links to Fuji’s offerings on their site(it is hard to find things … Read More →

Capture One 3.7.8 Released

On Friday, February 1st Capture One 3.7.8 was released. This new version features: Full Leopard Compatibility Processing capability for: Canon 1DsMarkIII and Nikon D3 (no tethered capture) Improved tethered stability with Phase One backs Pattern Noise Suppression on Intel macs now supported Improved preview of LCC You can find a Stay tuned to the news section of our website for our own evaluation of performance/stability.

Phase One comes to the Rolleiflex

Fans of the Rolleiflex 6008 rejoice! Until now Phase One has only offered a P20 for this medium format body. In its continued commitment to open and diverse medium format options, Phase One is now offering Rolleiflex 6008 mounts for all of its new P+ digital backs*. Worried about locking into any one platform? Phase One recently announced that they will provide a free 3-year Platform Change Guarantee for any … Read More →