CI 100 Megapixel Pop-Up Gallery


ACP hosts an annual, citywide photography festival in October: the Atlanta Celebrates Photography Festival. The festival includes a wide variety of exhibitions and multiple events around Atlanta and throughout the surrounding communities. The festival’s diverse offerings bring together professional and amateur photographers, general art enthusiasts, gallery owners, critics, and collectors. CI’s First Year Participating  Over the past several years, Dave Gallagher, CEO of Capture Integration, had the desire to host … Read More →

XF Hyperfocal Calibration


The hyperfocal point of a lens is defined to be the distance between the lens and the closest object that is still sharp when the lens is focused at infinity.  The envelope of sharp focus is determined by the accuracy of your autofocus to precisely hit the distant point being focused on, and the f-stop being used at the time of capture that as f-stop numbers rise, broadens your Depth of … Read More →

Check Out The New Alpa New Lens & Adapter

New Alpa

Alpa introduces us to its new ALPA Marco Switar 5.6/105 mm and the new Alpa Groove Adapter! The Rodenstock / ALPA Macro Switar 5.6/105 mm is a high-performance lens for image scales of 1:4 to 4:1. The user can optimize the specific image scale via a ring-operated floating element which covers 1:3 to 3:1. Sharpness is only limited by diffraction. The ultra-low distortion nearly vanishes at 1:1 and beyond. The … Read More →

Visit Our July Rental Event!


Do you have a summer shoot coming up in July? Well…we have the perfect rental bundle to help you make the most out of your images! While supplies last you have the option of renting a Hasselblad H5X or H4X paired with a Phase One 50MP or 100MP CMOS digital back! Pricing includes express shipping to your doorstep. See details below… Equipment & Pricing : Bundle I Hasselblad H5X or … Read More →

$5,995 NEW Leica SL Pricing!

LeicaSL Banner

If you are looking for a professional camera system at a lower Price Point then this special is for you! Leica is selling its Leica SL for $5,995 this summer! As the first mirrorless system camera of its kind, it offers an impressive range of innovative features and sets entirely new standards with regard to versatility and handling – and rugged resilience. It simultaneously offers maximum compatibility with the lenses … Read More →

Check Out PocketWizard New MultiMAX II


Pocket Wizard has now added MultiMAX II Transceiver to their lineup. Features This new MultiMAX features a manual power control and an improved blue backlit LCD. The MultiMAX Traceiver remains the only radio on the market that performs special PocketWizard features including Infinite Intervalometer, SpeedCycler and Ultra Range. This could be an awesome tool for wedding, wildlife and sports photographers! Contact our CI Sales Team for additional information and to … Read More →

Save $2339 On Move 1200 Outdoor Kit 1 Today

Broncolor banner

We are excited to announce a new promotion on the Move 1200 Outdoor Kit 1 or Move 1200 L Outdoor Para Kit. With the purchase of either kit, receive a free MobiLED head and Move 1200 battery, list price savings of $2339.95.   In combination with the MobiLED head, this kit offers a powerful location lighting tool with immense color and output consistency. With HS technology inside, Canon, Nikon, and … Read More →

$500 Price Increases on Rodenstock Lenses

Rodenstock Price Increase

Beginning August 1st, Rodenstock Lenses will have a $400 – $600 price increase! You have from now until July 31st to order your lens at our current price. Please review the new price sheet and contact our sales department for any further questions at 877-217- 9870. NEW Price Alert Rodenstock Price Increase – Sheet1    

New Leica M10 Firmware Update

Leica Firmware

  Version is available for the Leica M10. The new firmware fixes a bug that in some instances produced black images when using short exposure times. Select the image below and scroll to the bottom of the page to download new firmware.