Top 10 Ways I’ve Changed my Photography in the Past Year


  The past year has been a bit of a big one for me. I’ve gotten to use an incredible selection of gear, meet new people in the industry, and even climb a few mountains (literally) along the way. Most of the changes have been outside my photography, but they also seem to apply to the photo making side of things as well: 10.) Light well Good lighting will never … Read More →

Top 10 Features of Capture One Pro 8

capture one pro

10. Stability Capture One Pro 8 is one of the most stable releases of Capture One ever. I tried to cause it to crash. I pushed it on new computers, and pushed it on older computers – Sessions AND Catalogs are more stable than ever. 9. Better HDR quality The new Capture One Pro 8 color engine takes an already impressive HDR tool and makes it even better. It’s hard … Read More →

Top Ten things to know about the Leaf Credo 50


1) New Sony 50 Megapixel CMOS Sensor Leaf holds a unique position in the medium format digital segment as the first company to create a CMOS product (Leaf CMOST, back in 2004). While that’s a somewhat limited pedigree, we’re excited to see what Leaf extracts out of this new Sony 50 megapixel CMOS sensor. While the Sony sensor is not unique to Leaf, many Leaf owners place a high value … Read More →

10 Reasons to Attend Silo City Workshops

Capture Integration

Workshop Details Silo City Workshop Dates: October 2-5, 2014 Location: Buffalo, NY Investment: $695 Workshop Size: 20 REGISTER HERE Capture Integration will be supporting photographer Mark Maio with his upcoming Silo City workshop in Buffalo, New York. Mark’s workshop provides exclusive authorized access to grain elevators and outbuildings on six acres of property. 1. Test drive medium format digital camera systems from Phase One and Mamiya Leaf in one workshop at an … Read More →

Top 10 Ways to Avoid Cord Clutter


First things first: let me introduce myself. I’m Chris Valites, a graduate from the Rochester Institute of Technology’s College of Imaging Arts and Sciences. For the past three years, I worked at PocketWizard. While in snowy Burlington, Vermont, I provided technical support, photography, technical writing, janitorial skills, and wore many other hats and duties for the engineers in the Green Mountain state. Now, I hope to bring my skills along … Read More →

My Top 10 Favorite Medium Format Images

capture integration medium format digital

Over the last 20 years, I have had the experience to shoot with the best medium format digital camera systems in the world. As I travel and get to work with photographers and locations all over, I take time to create images that move me. Sometimes it is a certain location that inspires me, sometimes it is the texture or color of a subject, and sometimes it is just being … Read More →

Top 10 DF / DF+ Custom Functions

capture integration medium format phase one mamiya leaf

The Phase One / Mamiya DF & DF+ camera system is a great platform, but you can make it even better by taking advantage of its Custom Functions that allow expanded versatility. We often get calls about these, so here is a list of the top 10 Custom Functions. In order to take advantage of these Custom Functions, you rotate your selector wheel on top of the camera and set … Read More →

10 Reasons Why Independence Day is My Favorite Holiday

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Even before I moved to the USA in early 2002, Independence Day was already becoming a favorite of mine. Despite the fact that I was never here on the 4th of July before 2002, I still loved this holiday. It started as a small get together at my parents house in Glasgow, Scotland to try and make my girlfriend (soon to be wife) not quite so homesick. We tried our … Read More →

Top 10 Things I learned at Capture Integration

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Sammy Castillo has recently wrapped up his three-month internship with the Atlanta office. As he begins his next adventure, he leaves us with his parting words in the form of a Top 10 list – working as a Capture Integration intern. It was a pleasure working together, Sammy. Don’t be a stranger – keep us posted on your favorite BBQ, burgers and famous tacos from the road. I’m sure that … Read More →

Top 10 Reasons to use an EIZO Monitor

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Top 10 Reasons to use an EIZO Monitor We look at them every day. They are probably the most looked at accessory that we have in our photography studio. So why do we pay it such little attention and just buy the generic monitor? Our reason for choosing the monitor often comes down to one or two simple calculations; size vs cost and the visual appeal of the monitor itself. … Read More →