The Ideal Tethered Setup

Tethering Checklist for Max Reliability Foreword Phase One, Leaf, and Mamiya tethering is extremely robust; digital backs are designed from the ground-up to tether, unlike dSLRs which add tethering as an after-thought feature. Out of context this document may make it seem like any minor thing can cause problems. Instead we encourage you to understand the document in the context of its intended audience: 1) digital techs who are fired … Read More →

License Key Activation

Owning a copy of Capture One Pro entitles you to using C1 on two computers.  With the release of Capture One 4.1, Phase One has simplified the system that tracks and manages your use of Capture One installations. You can deactivate a particular installation from within Capture One or manage the keys remotely using your Phase One Profile at See the links below for various articles on Capture One … Read More →

Don't mess with the dot

Don't mess with the dot

Recently I had a call from a customer whom had a large number of RAW files disappear from his hard drive while renaming them. He was using a Phase One digital back, Capture One Pro and a Mac computer. My first thought was either the naming had taken place in the file browser or with another software package. However upon investigation, he had renamed the RAW file in Capture One. … Read More →

Capture One 4.1.1 Tips & Tricks

Who trains the trainers? At Capture Integration we are constantly working to improve our customer support. With the release of Capture One 4.1 and the Phase One 645 Camera we’re holding educational seminars (dates and locations here). But who trains the trainers? In advance of our Atlanta and High Point seminars our head of tech support, Tim Palmer, spent a week training with Jon Gilbert, from Phase One US Tech … Read More →

Capture One 4.1.1 RELEASED

Capture One 4.1 has been released, now supporting tethering of Phase One digital backs and a host of new features including lens+ and focus+ technologies. Download 4.1 from Capture Integration is hosting seminars about Capture One 4.1 in Atlanta, Miami, West Palm Beach, and High Point. Check out the dates and times, and RSVP. This is a great chance to learn Capture One 4.1 and meet your fellow photographers. … Read More →

High Dynamic Range – Highlight and Shadow Recovery

HDR Comparison Using Capture One 4.0

Overview of HDR Phase One digital backs capture tremendous dynamic range. The new HDR adjustments in Capture One 4.0 taps into this dynamic range to easily recover clean, accurate, and natural detail from deep shadow and blown-out highlights. The process is simple and straight forward. Best of all, using Capture One 4.0 you can compare different variations (see image to the right) of HDR, exposure, and contrast to create exactly … Read More →

Tethering with 4.0 and 3.7.8

When Capture One 4.0 Pro is released it will sport several major enhancements including the choice when shooting tethered to always jump to a new incoming capture, or to ignore incoming captures so that an assistant or digital tech can check the focus, exposure, and composition of previous exposures while the photographer continues to shoot. Until them you can use a combination of Capture One 4.0 and Capture One 3.7.8 … Read More →

Batch Processing in 4.0

holding shift

In Capture One 4.0 the ability to batch process is not obviously implemented, but it IS there! In fact, once you know the secret you will unlock a powerful new tool. The key is the batch modifier key (no pun intended). You can read the Two page PDF from Phase One. However, the bottom line is this: Holding shift when you press “process” will process all selected images! You can … Read More →

C1 4.0 launches when I sync my iPhone

Everyone that I know that has an iPhone loves it. I have found one little bug if you have Capture One 4.0 loaded on your Mac and try to sync your iPhone, it launches Capture One and iTunes at the same time. Here is a work around that Doug Peterson told me: 1. Open Spotlight 2. In the Spotlight window type “image capture” 3. Image Capture should show up under … Read More →

Capture One 3.7.8 Released

On Friday, February 1st Capture One 3.7.8 was released. This new version features: Full Leopard Compatibility Processing capability for: Canon 1DsMarkIII and Nikon D3 (no tethered capture) Improved tethered stability with Phase One backs Pattern Noise Suppression on Intel macs now supported Improved preview of LCC You can find a Stay tuned to the news section of our website for our own evaluation of performance/stability.