Cambo WRE-CA, CA-GFX & Adapters Shipping Now

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Cambo is taking their experience with the Actus series of cameras to the next level… while reaching new places… The WRE-CA lens plate allows you to mount lenses fitted with a Canon Eos bayonet, in combination with the WRS series of cameras. When paired with a digital back with an electronic shutter (IQ3-100) and a lens with a large image circle (Such as the Canon 17mm TS-E) it allows for … Read More →

Cambo Actus-XL View Camera


With the introduction of the ACTUS-XL series, Cambo’s system is now extended across the Actus line of camera products. Where the Actus Mini excels in being the lightest and smallest camera platform, the ACTUS-XL system is a fusion of both the Actus and Ultima camera platforms, maintaining full view camera movements. Availability will be released at Photokina 2016 Actus-XL-DB | $5,775 includes Actus XL Base and DB Kit (Digital back … Read More →

Cambo MBX Studiostand


Cambo released its new MBX Studio stand which will be shown at Photokina 2016. The MBX is new version that will be categorized as a “Mid-range” studio stand to suit many photographers shooting with Medium format camera systems. The MBX series is positioned above the Monostand, with the heavier duty UST and UBS series remaining as the top selling products. New features have been added from the UBS series, such … Read More →

Seeing Sideways with the Cambo Actus

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In the summer of 2014, Cambo introduced the Cambo Actus View Camera System, an amazingly small view camera that fits in a Messenger Bag and is compatible with mirrorless cameras, DSLR cameras, medium format digital backs, and accepts a huge variety of lenses that can all then become tilt/shift/swing lenses. What a great development for photographers! First Look: Cambo Actus, A Tiny Miracle If you’ve never experienced the ecstasy of complete … Read More →

Filters 101


LEE SW150 Filter System The LEE SW150 Filter System is the filter system we recommend for your medium format needs. This system fits every lens in the Schneider LS line up: 28mm-240mm along with most of the other lenses you find in medium format. In the video below we show how to assemble the SW150 system, what solution you need for the 240mm LS, and what lenses will work with this system including: … Read More →

Cambo: Upgrade Your Ultima to Actus


Cambo has been successfully selling Ultima view cameras over the past 18 years. Now having great success with the new possibilities of the ACTUS system, Cambo will offer the option to update existing Ultima users to the advantages of the ACTUS system, such as a broad selection of adaptations, the ease of sensor rotation within the bayonet mount, and the magnetic click-on bellows. Cambo is now introducing update kits that … Read More →

First Look: Cambo Actus EF Aperture Controller for Canon


Last week, Cambo released a new product for their Cambo Actus View Camera, the Cambo EF Aperture Controller. This product, combined with the Cambo Actus, is a game changer. As collaborative partners with Cambo, Capture integration is very excited to have our first shipment of this product and see what capabilities it adds for photographers. If any traditional photographic equipment manufacturer has created a positive model for evolving into the digital age, … Read More →

Cambo Actus ACTAR-24 Lens


NEW Cambo ACTAR-24 Lens Available for pre-order at Shipping in December 2015 $1,695 USD Cambo’s ACTAR-24 is a 24mm wide-angle lens, dedicated to the Cambo Actus series. Thanks to its design it will focus at infinity with mirror-less as well as DSLR camera bodies. On full frame 24×36 sensors, the optics allow for 10mm shifts. Using smaller sensors, you may gain more shift – as the Actus offers more adjustments within the … Read More →

IQ3 interface plates for technical cameras


With the introduction of the IQ3 camera systems, Phase One has added additional pins for extra communication with the XF camera body with the digital backs. As some have noticed, the interface plates for technical cameras have a cut out for the older pin configuration and will not accommodate the added pins. This means that the pins will touch the metal plate itself. While this does not impede usage, the pins were … Read More →

Cambo Unveils New Website

cambo website

Cambo has launched a new website. Unlike their previous site, this is now responsive, allowing for use on tablets and smartphones. This is a great new resource for viewing details on Cambo lenses and cameras, allowing you to fully explore the entire Cambo lineup in detail. You can check out the new and improved website here:   Remember, all Cambo lenses and cameras are available for sale through your Capture Integration … Read More →