Cambo Private Factory Tour & Workshop – 2019

Cambo Private Factory Tour

Cambo USA announced their 2019 Chasing Tulips Tour in the Netherlands and YOU are invited to attend! Join Cambo In the Netherlands Do you love your Cambo gear as much as we do? Ever wonder what kind of care and craftsmanship goes into the making of your favorite camera? Is there a Cambo camera you have had your eye on but just haven’t had the chance to get it in your hands … Read More →

CAMBO | WRS- HV Lensplate

Cambo WRS-HV Lensplate

There’s no denying that the quality and resolution of modern Rodenstock HR optics is the best choice for your technical camera. But what if you need a longer focal length? The Rodenstock lens lineup is great, but can sometimes be lacking when it comes to longer focal length options. Cambo just introduced the new WRS – HV Adaptor which also allows you to mount legacy “V” lenses from the Hasselblad-500 series, … Read More →

I Dream Of Cambo Rear Base Tilt

Cambo Rear base Tilt Upgrade

Does Cambo exist just to grant wishes for photographers? I’m starting to think this may be the case. I now refer to Cambo as Jeannie. For that is what they have done, yet again. Having provided Cambo Actus cameras to many of you, I have also heard your requests for additional features over the years, and one of them has been for rear tilt. Well Cambo has heard this, and … Read More →

Copal Shutter Care & Alternatives


Since the dawn of Photography, we have made use of some sort of shutter that was part of, or that complimented the optics in the cameras early photographers used to image scenes onto the recording media of the time.  The evolution of chemicals, substrates and processing methods evolved separately from the mechanical designs of what started with the camera obscura. Electro-mechanical camera systems have for decades risen over the purely mechanical … Read More →

It’s An Anniversary! 50 Years of Cambo Wide

New CAMBO WRS Anniversary Kit

The History It was 1946 when Mr. Roelof Bok founded CAMBO in The Netherlands. After initially designing and manufacturing view cameras and studio stands, in the late 60’s his company developed the first pancake tech cam with interchangeable lens panels. Over the years this evolved into various models with increasing flexibility, designed and built with maximum precision. Today, Cambo celebrate not only 72 years of accumulated expertise and dedicated craftsmanship … Read More →

Lens Alternatives for Technical Camera Use

Buy A B1 Location Kit and Get A Free Air Remote!-7

The great majority of my favorite landscape images have been taken at the wider end of the spectrum of focal lengths.  Since moving to a technical camera a few years ago, my wide-angle lens of choice is the Rodenstock 32HR.  It provides a field of view of roughly what a 21mm lens would provide using a 35mm format.  If I need to create an even wider view, then I will … Read More →

Cambo’s Newest Addition to the Actus Lineup

Buy A B1 Location Kit and Get A Free Air Remote!-50

Since the launch of the Actus-G series, with its interchangeable rear bayonet, CI customers have been asking us when Cambo was going to be releasing a Digital Back solution. We are happy to announce that time is now. For the first time, this new addition to the Actus lineup allows for customers who shoot both a digital back and a DLSR/Mirrorless camera to swap back and forth quickly without having … Read More →

Cambo Debuts New PCH Geared Tripod Head


At this years 2017 Photo Plus Conference & Expo, Cambo showcased a new addition to the range of Ball and Geared Tripod Heads. This new version is called PHC, which is the acronym for Precision Controlled Head.   What can the new PCH do?? The increased flexibility allows it to tilt, swing, rotate as if it were a ball head and has precision gears for fine-tuned tilt and swing Gear … Read More →

Check out Cambo’s Newest Gadgets


Now that Hasselblad has released a new firmware for their X1d camera, that allows the use of the built-in electronic shutter, Cambo introduces two new products that support the Hasselblad X1d body. CA- XCD Based on the knowledge used in our other Canon lens adapters, Cambo has now created an adapter to enable the use of Canon lenses on the Hasselblad-X1D camera. This adapter is mounted directly to the X1D … Read More →

Actus Mini View Camera Takes Alaska

Cambo Actus Mini blog

Your possibilities could be endless with the Cambo Actus Mini… Photographer Dan Bailey recently tried out a Cambo Actus in Alaska You can purchase your Actus Mini here or reach out to our sales team for more information at 877.217.9870.