BIG SAVINGS! Broncolor End of Summer Sale


Big Savings on Select Broncolor Products! Now through September 30, 2019 SCORO SYSTEM SPECIALITY LAMPS STUDIO LAMPS   MOVE SYSTEM Act Now! Offer Ends September 30, 2019! Contact your CI Salesman or our home office at 877.217.9870

Broncolor LED F160 and Scope D50 Highlights

Broncolor LED F160 -Scope D60

Broncolor recently announced the new LED F160 and Scope D50. Here are the highlights… LED F160 Key Features: Precision-engineered diffusion element with a quality of light matching other broncolor lamps Built-in spot-flood mechanism, compatible with over 50 broncolor bayonet-mount light shapers 650W halogen, 100W HMI equivalent output 98.6 CRI at 5500K (daylight), 97+ across range from 2800 to 6500K, dimmable to 10% in precise 1/10 stop increments Click Here for More Product … Read More →

New RFS 2.2 F for Fujifilm Cameras

Buy A B1 Location Kit and Get A Free Air Remote!-19

The RFS 2.2 F can be used in conjunction with broncolor’s world-renowned professional flash monolights and pack systems. Designed to bring versatility when shooting outdoors, broncolor’s HS technology allows for flash sync up to 1/8000s on supported lights, enabling the photographer to open up the aperture for shallow depth of field. Using a single flash pulse, the resulting HS flash has no major impact on light output or battery life. … Read More →

Upgrade To Broncolor Scoro Wifi

Broncolor video

  Last month we told you about the new Scoro Broncolor packs with WiFi..(click here in case you missed it)… Now we’d like to show you why this is the top choice for astonishing images! It’s so worth the upgrade! If your are ready to make the upgrade please contact our CI Sales Team at 877.217.9870.

Broncolor Compatibility Chart

Broncolor compatitbility

Make the most of your Broncolor equipment by reviewing this comprehensive Broncolor Compatibility Chart for lampheads, and power packs. View PDF: Broncolor Compatibility List 

New Scoro WiFi & bronControl for Desktop

Scoro WiFi & bronControl for desktop

  Broncolor is proud to announce the new Scoro WiFi/RFS2, bringing a new level of intuitive control to the legendary Scoro product line. Integrated into the new Scoro WiFi/RFS2 products is broncolor’s innovative WiFi technology. Using no additional equipment, you can now control your flash pack from any WiFi capable iOS, Android, Mac, or PC device. A phone, tablet, or computer now brings the Scoro’s immense capability to your fingertips. … Read More →

How to travel smart with battery-powered strobes

Profoto Battery Travel Documents

If you’re a traveling photographer and the owner of a portable battery-powered strobe, there’s a chance that you’ve had a friendly encounter with TSA. Many of the the popular battery-powered packs / heads from Profoto, Broncolor, Elinchrom (and many other lines) are APPROVED for carry-on travel. Since it’s approved for air travel, does it mean that you will not get push-back from our friends in the airports? Absolutely not. It … Read More →

High Speed Flash Triggering using the Phase One XF and Leaf Shutter Lenses


In addition to low vibration at the time of capture, the primary benefit of leaf shutter lenses are their ability to sync with the flash of a strobe system above the limits of the focal plane shutter. On Phase One 645 cameras, the focal plane sync speed is at 1/125 and if you’re shooting a lens with no integral shutter, 1/125th is your limit for combining strobe with ambient light. In the … Read More →

Flash Duration vs Sync Speed vs Triggering Method

Flash Duration vs Sync Speed vs Triggering Method

In one of our previous posts, we had discussed the ins and outs of syncing your medium format camera beyond your camera’s focal shutter sync limit. While most dSLRs are limited to 1/250th (or lower,) most medium format cameras are able to take advantage of leaf shutter designs to allow you to a much higher level. Why would you want to do this? A few reasons: You want to bring … Read More →

Broncolor Introduces new broncolor FT System


The broncolor FT System is a continuous lighting system, which is simply unbeatable for light output, flexibility and simplicity. With four Para reflectors available including accessories and a choice of 1600 W daylight or 2000 W halogen lamps, the FT-System is as easy to extend as it is to use. The broncolor HMI FT1600 is dimmable, provides constant colour at all times, and so is easy to mix with flash … Read More →