3 Tech Cameras Walk Into a Bar

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Breaking News: Now 6 Lenses for the XT Camera  Today, Phase One announced 3 new lenses for the XT Camera System, the Rodenstock 50HR-W, the Rodenstock 90HR-SW, and a lens in the 100mm+ range (likely the 138 HR Float). This got me to thinking about the Phase One XT Camera System, and its standing and impact in the technical camera segment (or as Phase One wants to call it, the … Read More →

Arca Swiss Core 75 Leveler – A Dream Come True

3994ccore75leveler 1

ARCA-SWISS announces an addition to the Core leveler product line – The Core 75 leveler ARCA-SWISS Core leveler tripod heads will soon be available in two versions: the original Core 60 leveler, and the new higher capacity Core 75 leveler. The Core leveler tripod heads are characterized by high precision, simple handling and fast setup. Perfect for quickly leveling the camera. Compared to the Core 60 leveler, the new Core 75 leveler is physically larger … Read More →

Copal Shutter Care & Alternatives


Since the dawn of Photography, we have made use of some sort of shutter that was part of, or that complimented the optics in the cameras early photographers used to image scenes onto the recording media of the time.  The evolution of chemicals, substrates and processing methods evolved separately from the mechanical designs of what started with the camera obscura. Electro-mechanical camera systems have for decades risen over the purely mechanical … Read More →

Filters 101


LEE SW150 Filter System The LEE SW150 Filter System is the filter system we recommend for your medium format needs. This system fits every lens in the Schneider LS line up: 28mm-240mm along with most of the other lenses you find in medium format. In the video below we show how to assemble the SW150 system, what solution you need for the 240mm LS, and what lenses will work with this system including: … Read More →

Replacement Tech Cam Lens Caps

lens caps

Ever misplace a lens cap for your tech cam while hiking? Perhaps you went up a mountain and came down a little bit lighter, or your cap just took a tumble out of your pocket when you were shooting a seascape. Either way, finding a replacement cap can be a bit of a pain. Luckily, we’ve added the appropriately sized Schenider Kreuznach and Rodenstock lens caps for the lenses we … Read More →

Copal Shutter Repairs On The Rise – Updated

A must read if you use a Technical Camera or View Camera. This is a re-print/re-edit from an article we posted back in 2010 regarding Copal Shutter repairs, and the recent increase we had seen in the occurrence of those repairs. Since shutter repairs can be expensive, and the original article was posted 4 years ago, I felt it would be a good idea to refresh it and bring it … Read More →

Photokina Update: Arca-Swiss

Rm3d factum World’s Smallest Technical Camera w/ Tilt and Shift   Arca Swiss proudly introduces a new model to the R-camera- line, the Rm3d factum. The new Rm3d factum is the logical offspring of ARCA SWISS unmatched solution of combining a precise and highly exact focusing camera with a tilt mechanism. Together with a new camera body, (Rm3d Fac) the focus/tilt unit (tum module) has grown into a new camera: the … Read More →

New Arca Swiss Products Announced

Arca Swiss today announced 2 new products. First up is the RotaMount. For those of you familiar with Arca Swiss, you will recognize the wording borrowed from the RotaSlide. As medium format digital backs have finally produced Million Dot+ LCD screens and also offer Live View in camera, the demand for sliding backs, and their ground glass for focusing/composing, has been reduced. However, the need to rotate your digital back … Read More →

Arca Swiss Updated VarioFinder

Arca Swiss is now shipping a modified version of the VarioFinder for the Rm2D, RM3Di, and RL3D Cameras. The new version employs dual tracks on the front of the VarioFinder and new slotted masks that fit onto 2 brass levers that slide up and down for rise and fall and allow the mask to shift east and west for your shift views. This eliminates the clunkiness of the previous mask … Read More →

Arca Swiss….in stock! (not a typo)

Arca Swiss? In Stock? We’ve had an outstanding order in with Arca Swiss for some time just for inventory. So far this year, everything that has come in has already been spoken for, but we finally received a shipment with extra quantity that we can set aside and actually put on our shelf (not that it will stay there long)…. We now have in stock: Arca Swiss RM3Di Arca Swiss … Read More →