Capture Tech 3.0

Advanced Training with Capture Integration

When: Thursday, October 6th. 6-10pm

Where: 330 Peters Street SW. Atlanta, GA 30313

Registration: The training is limited to 15 participants. Pre-Registration will open for APA members on September 20th, members attend for FREE. General registration opens September 21st, non-members fee $40. 


Capture Integration and APA committed to the southeastern photo community. Our team wants to strengthen this commitment by providing a complimentary advanced tech training for APA techs and assistants. This seminar is invitation only. It’s our goal to strengthen our relationship with local techs and assistants. We want to build better rates, terms and opportunities for local and loyal APA clients.


With over 100 combined years of dedicated experience with medium format digital solutions, (going back to the early 1990s!) we know the comparative real world performance – without relying on manufacturer datasheets – of every medium format digital product made over the past 20 years. How does the signal to noise ratio of a 2014 Phase One IQ250 compare with a Leaf Aptus 22 from 2005? We know!


What do you want to learn?
We will focus on multiple camera systems – showing you the good, bad and ugly. We will discuss software optimization, advanced workflow techniques and advanced troubleshooting procedures.

Send us your requests for what you’d like to learn. We will build the course content based on your requests.


There will be a raffle for a FREE two day digital back rental of your choice. Certificate of Insurance required. We will also be giving away TWO full licenses of Capture One Pro ($299 Value).

Dinner and refreshments will be served.


Attendee Referrals?
As stated above, this is an invitation only event. If you would like to send this to a friend that’s interested in attending, send their information our way, so that we can reach out to them.

Bring your questions. We look forward to seeing you at the training.


Registration: APA members click here to register.


For more information contact APA Atlanta or Capture Integration at 877.217.9870