Phase One has released Capture One Pro 9.3. Check out some of the updates in this version.

Tested and Approved by Capture Integration.

Download Release Notes Here

COP Update Features

Eizo Monitor Calibration

Eizo Monitor Calibration Eizo monitors with the built in “swing out” calibrator can now be calibrated from within Capture One for optimal color calibrations. Simply run the calibration from the preferences menu and the attached monitors will be configured to the Image Professor’s standard for color proofing.

Supported monitors:
– CG245W
– CG275W
– CG246
– CG276
– CG247
– CG277
– CG247X
– CG248 (UHD 4K)
– CG318 (DCI 4K)

Metadata handling

Some under the hood changes have been made to how meta data is handled by the app and exchange with XMP sidecars. There should be no differences to operation but performance and robustness should be improved. A number of bugs have been addressed as a result.


Some under the hood changes have been made to recipes. Operation remains the same, but robustness and stability should be improved as a result. A number of bugs have been addressed as part of this refactor.

Known Issues


– Fixed a settings migration issue that could cause some loss of information
– Fixed an issue causing local adjustment masks not to be persisted properly
– Allow negative increments for the capture counter
– Fixed an issue causing image settings to be ignored when importing images with existing adjustments
– Fixed an issue causing certain lens correction profiles not to be applied properly
– Fixed some strings for the Italian localization
– Fixed crashes with certain shortcuts
– Fixed a crash related to the camera tool properties
– Fixed a minor memory leak
– Various other minor fixes and improvements


– Sometimes the wrong ICC profile was applied and the image would look pale until restart of Capture One.
– Fixed issue where certain lens metadata was ignored.
– Fixed issue where you couldn’t import keywords from a Capture One Session
– Sometimes the browser wouldn’t list incoming files when in “list mode”
– When dragging a file from Media Pro to Capture One some custom metadata would be lost
– Various crashes
-Various other minor fixes and improvements


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