Capture One Pro 9.0.3 Released
Today Phase One has released Capture One Pro 9.0.3. This is a minor service release providing mostly bug fixes, particularly an LCC issue with IQ3 100MP.

We are still testing this release & recommend waiting to upgrade until our testing is complete.

Read on for more details about the update, or visit our Download Archive to get it.

You can find the release notes here: Capture One 9.0.3 Release Notes

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9.0.3 Update Features

Bug fixes

  • (Mac) Functionality Bugs
    • Keyword library tool:  fix keyword sorting (better handling of lowercase and uppercase characters)
    • Mask from color correction: make sure filled masks are properly saved after being created
    • LCC for IQ 100MP fixed
    • Highlight recovery for A7RII fixed
  • (Win) Functionality Bugs
    • Keywords in keywords library are now sorted in a case insensitive way
    • Fixed issue where adjustments made on masks from color selections do not always stick once you restart Capture One
    • Fixed local adjustments selection points sometimes missing
    • Fixed applying LCC sometimes fails or sometimes wrongly disables the controls for color cast, dust removal and uniform light
    • Signature updated to use SHA256 – (certifcate changes mean you may experience warning messages to the validly of the installer on first run)
    • LCC for IQ 100MP fixed
    • Highlight recovery for A7RII fixed

Known Issues

All users

  • Browsing folders containing unsupported image files may affect application performance.
  • Previews from earlier versions of Capture One may be updated. In some cases, this can affect the application performance the first time images are viewed in this version of Capture One.
  • If using a non US laptop keyboard it might be preferable to change some of the standard keyboard shortcuts.
  • Editing images in external applications other than Adobe Photoshop might result in unexpected behavior.
  • Operation under virtualization software (e.g Parallels, Hackintosh etc) may cause instability. We do not recommend you use these OS configurations.

Mac Users

  • It is only possible to show the Capture One toolbar in “Icon Only” mode.
  • Live View over USB can stall without the use of a repeater.

Windows Users

  • Windows drivers are required for some older models of Canon DSLR cameras to be
    able to shoot tethered. These drivers are available from Canon’s web site.
  • If you have Bonjour 2.0.3 installed you may experience problems with Capture Pilot.
    Bonjour 2.0.2 (shipping with Capture One 9) and 2.0.4 (shipped with iTunes) have
    been tested to work with Capture Pilot. To check the version number of Bonjour, go
    to ‘Control Panel’ and select ‘Programs and Features’.
  • Importing a catalog can result in the last picture not getting imported.
  • Operation under RAMDisk by Dataram is known to cause issues with disk labeling.
    Capture One is not supported with this configuration.

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