Capture One Pro 8.3 New Features


Along with their new XF body and IQ3 digital backs announcement, Phase One has also released Capture One Pro 8.3. This is a feature release providing new features, bug fixes, performance enhancements, stability improvements, and additional camera & lens support. This article takes a closer look at some of those new features in Capture One Pro 8.3.

New high performance tethering engine (Mac)

There’s not a lot of details on the specifics of this update quite yet, but we are running our own tests to see this new high-performance tethering engine in action. From our understanding, the Capture Core has been significantly tweaked which should allow for more stability, less hangs, better recovery of dropped connections, and faster overall performance (from shot to rendered sharp).

*One feature we’ve seen so far is the ability to shoot straight from Live View with digital backs! Keep tuned to our blog for more details as we discover them!

Modernized Capture Tool

Phase One also updated the UI (User Interface) for the Capture Tool. It’s not just a highly-updated, clean-looking interface, it’s functional! Styled to look similar to a camera display screen, you can easily click to adjust multiple camera settings – from the standard (ISO, Shutter Speed, Aperture, etc) to more advanced settings like Drive mode, AF Modes, Metering options, and even Mirror-Up on the new XF body!

  • 8.2 Capture Tool

    8.2 Capture Tool

  • 8.3 Capture Tool

    8.3 Capture Tool

  • 8.3 Capture Tool Drive Mode
    8.3 Capture Tool DSLR

Updated Camera Settings Tool

Capture One Pro 8.3 also contains an all-new Camera Settings tool which allows for system-wide changes to your digital back’s settings and parameters. It also works with DSLRs – available features are dependent on the digital back’s firmware or DSLR attached.

  • Just *Some* of the Editable Camera Settings
    Some of the Adjustable Camera Settings

The table below lists the editable features (except where noted) of the new IQ3 60MP digital back. The list is *quite* extensive, but does vary according to the connected camera.

Exposure Program
Shutter Speed
EV adj.
Exposure Meter Value
Long Exposure Mode
File Format
File Extension
Metering mode
AF Mode
Shutter Mode
Shutter Type
Mirror Up
Digital Back
Check Disk
Storage Mode
Camera Mode
Shutter Latency
Black Calibration
Image Orientation
Auto Preview Mode
Preview in Live View
Ready Beep
Digital Back > Wifi
Host Name
Digital Back > WiFi > Capture Pilot
Pin Code
Enable Capture Remote
Geotag Captures
Geotag CF card
Digital Back > Power Management
Charging from PC
Auto Power Down
Display Off From Camera
Power Off with Camera
Wake Up Camera
USB Power Management
Digital Back > Display
Display Off Time
Camera > Capture Setup
Assist Light
Manual Lens
Camera > Capture Setup > Auto Exposure > OneShot AE
Aperture > [On / Off]
Shutter Speed > [On / Off]
ISO > [On / Off]
Camera > Capture Setup > Auto Exposure > Shutter Speed
Auto > [On / Off]
Min > 1/4000th
Max > 1 hour
Camera > Capture Setup > Auto Exposure > Aperture
Auto > [On / Off]
Min > 2.8
Max > 45
Camera > Capture Setup > Auto Exposure > ISO
Auto > [On / Off]
Min > 35
Max > 6400
Camera > UI Setup > Control Setup
Shutter Half
2nd Shutter
Camera > UI Setup > Front Dial
In Auto
Camera > UI Setup > Side Dial
In Auto
Camera > UI Setup > Rear Dial
In Auto
Live View
Live View Quality
Live View Brightness

The following info can’t be changed, but is available to view (depending on your camera).

Tether Connection
Hardware Rev.
About > Digital Back
Capture Count
Battery Capacity
Battery Charging
Sensor Area
Sensor Orientation
Sensor Temperature
Typical File Size
Maximum File Size
About > Camera
Shutter Count (FP)
Mirror Count
About > Viewfinder

IQ Style Grid Modes

Last but not least, Phase One added the same grid modes that were accessible from the digital back into the Capture One Pro software. Now you can access a Grid overlay and choose from Golden Ratio, 3×3, 4×3, Center Cross, Rectangular, or Fibonacci Spiral as the type. To access these modes, simply go to your Capture One Preferences > Crop and choose your type under Grid. You may also want to change the color or when the guide shows up.

  • Fibonacci Style!

    Grid Mode


With Capture One Pro 8.3, Phase One continues to strive for functionality and increased efficiency in its remarkable tethering software. These new features can save you time and eliminate confusing menu systems by providing a large number of camera settings and features at your finger tips. If you have any questions regarding the Capture One Pro 8.3 update, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our tech support team.