Phase One has announced today a new update to Capture One, 7.1.0. I am especially excited about this new release because it addresses some key issues many users have been having. Most notably with Canon tethering and its poor stability. This has now been rectified it as I was able to unplug, turn off, and have a 5D MKIII go to sleep but still have it reconnect upon reawakening. Rejoice, those who found this annoying and inconveniencing!

Another awesome feature is the ability to import a session into a catalog, this will import a session into a catalog and create it as a new project in your Library tool. Go to File > Import Session… to get started, once selected navigate to the session folder you want to import then select the .cosessiondb file within to start the import.

Other great additions have been made such as; better stability in Sessions within Mac, improvements to sorting, and several other small fixes. I have noticed a slight speed increase when rendering previews, so I hope this helps solve a lot of stability issues that a lot of my clients have been experiencing. Read the full release notes below and please let me know if this update helps to solve any issues or creates a new one! Send me a message at

Capture One Pro 7.1 new features and fixes


  • Import of sessions into catalogs. A session will be imported as a project.

Bug fixes

  • Improved support for tethering with Canon on OS X 10.8.x and Mac OS X 10.7.5.
  • Fixed a memory leak on Windows.
  • Fixed some issues with sessions on Mac.
  • Fixed an issue with setting WB on digital backs from the software on Mac.
  • Fixed a number of issues with sorting on Mac.
  • Fixed an issue with reordering of local adjustments layers on Mac.
  • Fixed a number of other issues on both Mac and Windows.

Download the full release notes here.