One of Capture One’s most powerful features is the styles menu. These styles are free and offered without limitations / watermarking etc, though you do need to enter your email address to receive the download link.

This is our second set of styles. We would love feedback ( about these styles and what sorts of styles you would find useful in future versions of our styles package.

Mac Install Instructions

  1. Ensure you have Capture One 6 Pro installed.
  2. Close any programs that are open (other than this browser!). Most especially close Capture One.
  3. Fill out the simple form at the end of this blog entry to receive the link to download the ZIP file containing the styles.
  4. Unzip the Styles pack ZIP file.
  5. Select [Adjustments > Styles > Import] and select all the files.

Naming and Examples

There are four types of styles in this release.

  • FX – meaning Effects. These are strong, sometimes radical, changes to the image meant to create a very distinct look. With the wrong image these will be over-the-top and corny looking. With the right image they will be dramatic and emotion evoking.
  • Fun – three styles with no commercial applicability created only out of interest to explore what is possible
  • Color – meaning different color responses – Similar in concept to the differences between various color films
  • BW – meaning different black and white responses and split tone images – Similar in concept to the differences between various black and white films
  • Toolkit – meaning specific changes to a color for a specific purpose. If that color is not in your image there may be no visible change to the image
  • Skin – four styles that explore the use of the Color Editor to enhance and smooth the color of skin

They are named with relative ambiguity to avoid consigning them to a specific usage. After all any given style may look great for a type of image (landscape, portrait, product) and look comical/corny/ugly for another. So play around with a couple types of images before you make too many judgements.


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