Cambo offers WTS lenspanels with built-in tilt and swing options for the Wide cameras. The use of tilts and/or swings will allow the photographer to optimize sharpness in a plane that is other than perpendicular to the optical axis. Increase sharpness close by while keeping sharpness further away, keep the best sharpness along a plane directing to the vanishing point. Or create intentional un-sharpness with lenses that have a great depth of field by nature. Add those possibilities to your creative process and be ready to create your best images ever using Cambo’s tilt/swing lenspanels.

Cambo is presenting the wide lens panels with built-in tilt and swing movements for the Wide RS, Wide DS, and Wide Compact. The use of tilts and/or swings will allow the photographer to optimize the spatial sharpness by tilting the sharpness plane into any direction as desired.

The WTS lenspanels will have their mechanisms built-in, so there is no need for additional in-between adapters or bellow joints. This will assure a very precise sharpness plane with exact parallel planes of CCD and lens.

Some Key Features of the WTS Lenspanels are:

      • Knob driven fine-geared movements for tilt and swing.
      • +5/-5 degrees tilt and +5/-5 degrees swing in both directions.
      • Tilt and swing in separate movements which can be used simultaneously or individually.
      • No need for separate adapter, all mechanical parts are built-in
      • Interchangeable with existing WRS, WDS, and WideCompact camera bodies and lenspanels.
      • Options to retrofit into WTS lenspanel.
      • Available with Schneider Lenses Digitar 47, 72, 90, and 120.
      • Available with Rodenstock Lenses Digaron 28, 32, 40, 50, 70, and 90.
      • Shift possibilities in the WideRS body allow for shifts without changing lens position.

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