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The Wide RS600 is designed for architectural and landscape photographers that wish to use a digital back without removing and exchanging it with the focusing screen, enabling the photographer to compose, focus, slide the digital back in place and shoot immediately.

Manufactured from high grade aerospace aluminum, the camera platform is one piece unit which prevents any distortion as the camera plane is parallel and only the back is designed to shift, rise and fall.

  • Features
  • Specs
  • WRS/WTS/WDS lens panels are compatible (except the short barrel versions)
  • The lens stays in place, all movements on the rear side
  • Accepts same SLW-adapters
  • Knobs and scales accessible and visible from behind the camera
  • Geared movements for H and V shift
  • There is a weight compensation for the vertical moving part

The Wide RS is designed to accept all of the high resolution, medium format digital backs from Hasselblad, Mamiya Leaf, PhaseOne and Sinar, including their latest models. These backs offer portability with built-in storage and image preview and review. Adapter plates are available for backs compatible with Hasseblad-V and H-series, PhaseOne DF and Mamiya AFd, Contax 645 as well as Leaf Afi/Sinar HY6.

  • Size: 270 x 275mm (W x H) incl. knob for vertical movement
  • Weight: 1950g (excl. lens, excl. SLW-adapter)
  • Horizontal Shift: 50mm as 25L/25R
  • Vertical Shift: 60mm as 40 lens up/20 lens down
  • Rise Movement: 40mm
  • Fall Movement: 20mm
  • Accepts same WRS accessories as WRS-1060, 1075, 1080, 1090 etc
  • Digital back closed off in ground glass focusing position
  • Horizontal shifted ground glass position transferable to capture position
  • Ground glass includes Fresnel lens
  • 3/8” tripod connection

The variable locking mechanism is used to stitch images from all digital back sensors in the horizontal or vertical position. The lenses from the Wide DS and Wide RS range of cameras are compatible with the RS600. For Tilt and Swing functionality, this is achieved by using the Cambo digital lenses with Schneider and Rodenstock optics. The T/S range have 5 degrees of Tilt and Swing.

The CS loupe with Schneider optics is the ideal focussing aid when using a digital back without live view. The loupe kit attaches to the focussing screen, it can be positioned in each corner to check movement and sharpness. The kit is available for the RS600 and the Wide Camera range.