The Wide RS series, which stands for rear shift, offer smooth and precisely geared movements: rise and fall as well as lateral shifts on the rear panel. While the image-placement movements are of key importance to architectural photographers, the image plane movements offer great possibilities for stitching images together for extreme wide or panoramic effects without changing the perspective and the vanishing point. Made of high-grade aluminium alloy, the Wide RS makes a lightweight, yet durable travel companion for any photographer working in the field.

  • Features
  • Specs
  • Precision engineered robust body
  • High grade aerospace aluminium
  • Dual integrated handgrips
  • Optional ergonomic wooden handgrips
  • Gear driven rear lateral and vertical movements
  • Stitching possibilities four-way
  • Built-in spirit levels
  • Interchangeable lenspanels

The Wide RS is designed to accept all of the high resolution, medium format digital backs from Hasselblad, Mamiya Leaf, PhaseOne and Sinar, including their latest models. These backs offer portability with built-in storage and image preview and review. Adapter plates are available for backs compatible with Hasseblad-V and H-series, PhaseOne DF and Mamiya AFd, Contax 645 as well as Leaf Afi/Sinar HY6.

      • Size 190 x 175mm (W x H) incl. handgrips and tripod mount
      • Lightweight only 1.2 kgs (excl. lens)
      • Horizontal shift 45 mm (22.5 mm left/22.5 mm right)
      • Vertical shift 40 mm (25mm / 15mm)
      • Stitching possibilities (2-way / 4-way)
      • Millimeter scales for movements
      • Movement indicators on rear sides
      • Removable cable release included
      • Removable 3/8″ tripod mount (25 mm)

To round this amazing system, the Wide RS series accept the always growing selection of Rodenstock Digaron HR and Schneider Apo-Digitar lenses designed for digital photography. Choose from a variety of focal lengths, from 23mm to 150mm and even 180mm or 210mm.

Each lens is mounted in a dedicated lens panel, that offers convenient helical focusing and a built-in mechanical Copal shutter or choose from Rodenstock’s or Schneider’s electronic shutter systems.

Many of these lenses offer a generous image circle that allows for plenty of image-control shifts and tilt/swing options. For additional shooting convenience an optical viewfinder with dedicated masks, offering framing and shift indications for all available lenses is available, as well as an iPhone holder for framing and composing using your iPhone‘s live-view.