If there is one item in a photo studio that most photographers would agree is simply indispensible, it would most likely be their studio stand. A good studio stand is an absolutely essential ingredient in today’s successful studio. Not only does the studio stand provide the most rigid camera support for large format cameras, but, most importantly, it provides fluid-smooth and time-efficient camera positioning unparalleled by any tripod!

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With a studio stand you can take your camera from floor to ceiling in seconds, from one end of the studio to the next in a matter of minutes, or to the exact same perspective you shot from two weeks ago in the blink of an eye. No other camera support is faster, easier or more precise than a good studio stand.


      • Ball Bearing Movements
      • Fully Scaled Movements
      • Rotating Collar
      • Choice of Two Caster Bases
      • Full Accessory System
      • Easily Adaptable

Cambo Monostand Studio Stand

This mid-size studio stand offers many advantages of a tripod, especially when it comes to rigid camera support and maneuverability for Digital and Analogue cameras up through medium format. Available in 7′ and 9′ height columns, our Monostand is made of the same materials as stands selling for twice the price.

Features Include:

      • Counter-balanced sliding collar that provides unrestricted movement up and down and 360° around the column
      • Three swivel casters on a cast-iron base enabling easy repositioning and locking
      • A 5cm diameter geared crossarm with a lateral displacement up to 30 cm (12”) that will support any medium format and lightweight view camera
      • A heavy-duty camera mount that can be positioned anywhere along the 65cm long crossarm. For extra support and control, we recommend a ball head to mount your camera.

The Monostand comes complete with column, crossarm and camera mount with 3⁄8″ thread and a base to choose.

      • Monostand 7′ Stand (210cm), Mono-1, with iron casted Base Cal-0 A or with welded T-Base Mono-0 B
      • Monostand 9′ Stand (270cm), Mono-2, only with iron casted Base Cal-0 A

      • Solo Stand includes T-Shape base with 3 castors and black anodised column with extension tube.
      • 3/8″ camera mount on top of extension tube.
      • Minimum height 78 cm (31″)
      • Maximum height 123 cm (48″)

UST Studio Stand

This classic Cambo studio stand is a mainstay in many of the country’s finest photo studios. By far the best value available in a heavy-duty studio stand, the UST combines rock-solid construction with smooth, counter-balanced movements.

Rigid Vertical Support

A 120mm diameter aluminum column provides solid support, while counterbalanced height adjustments are quick and effortless. A built-in guide provides precise vertical camera movement.

Smooth Lateral Shifts

The UST’s gear-driven crossarm travels 44cm in each direction, offering precise camera positioning.

Exceptional Base Support

Cambo UST comes with the economical Three-Way Locking Base or the convenient Single-Action Base.

Full Accessory System

Cambo supports the UST studio stand with an extensive accessory system. Choose from a wide range of camera supports, extension tubes and heads geared to extending the conveniences of the stand.

UST Stands with Three-Way Locking Base (U-0) Includes column, crossarm and base. Mounting platforms and heads are sold separately.

      • 7′ Stand (210cm) UST-1
      • 9′ Stand (270cm) UST-2
      • 12′ Stand (360cm) UST-3

UST Stands with Single-Action Base (UCB) Includes column, crossarm and base. 

      • 7′ Stand (210 cm) UST-1/UCB
      • 9′ Stand (270 cm) UST-2/UCB
      • 12′ Stand (360 cm) UST-3/UCB

Cambo UBS Studio Stand

Cambo’s top-of-the-line UBS Studio Stand not only takes the effort out of large format studio photography, it makes it a pleasure. This heavyduty stand, with its rigid 4″ square column, is smooth and easy to use, and will save you lots of time. The UBS offers these unique features:

Ball Bearing Movements

Lateral crossarm, rotating collar and height control movements each glide effortlessly on ball bearings at the touch of your fingertip.

Fully Scaled Movements

Precise positioning and realignment is assured to the millimeter on the column, lateral crossarm and rotating collar. Time and time again, the UBS stand delivers reliable and accurate movements that eliminate guesswork from studio setups. The rock-solid stability of the UBS stand makes it perfect for pinpoint-sharp time exposures and multiple flash exposures, and it is ideal for digital photography.

Rotating Collar

This unique panning movement built into the crossarm assembly allows the camera and horizontal arm to be rotated from any height on the column. This makes panning control independent of vertical, or height adjustment control, adding precision to your camerapositioning capabilities.

Choice of Two Caster Bases

Choose from Cambo’s Single Action Base UCB, with its quick-release foot pedal, or the U-0 economical Three-Way Locking Caster Base. Both offer quick, smooth and easy repositioning of the studio stand and positive locking once you’ve found your spot.

Full Accessory System

As when buying any professional photographic tool, it’s important to consider the accessory system that supports it. Cambo’s commitment to the studio photographer has taken this into consideration and, in the process, has produced a vast array of specialised camera supports, arm extensions and heads geared to meet all possible studio applications.

      • Available in 7′, 9′ and 12′ (specials on request)
      • Choose the height to match your specific needs.

UBS Studio Stands with Single-Action Base Includes column, crossarm, and specified base. Mounting platforms and heads are not included.

      • 7′ Stand (214cm) UBS-1/UBA/UCB
      • 9′ Stand (274cm) UBS-2/UBA/UCB
      • 12′ Stand (364cm) UBS-3/UBA/UCB

UBS Studio Stands w/3-Way Locking Base

      • 7′ Stand (214cm) UBS-1/UBA/U-0
      • 9′ Stand (274 cm) UBS-2/UBA/U-0
      • 12′ Stand (364 cm) UBS-3/UBA/U-0