Cambo’s New RPS Repro Stand System can be configured from different elements to ensure the best possible solution for the reproduction photographer.

It features a motorised vertical column with extended movement controls, a geared moveable camera-arm, wall mount options, a sturdy and stable base and an optional baseboard.

  • Features
  • Specs

The RPS Repro Stand System is an open system. It takes any repro camera with a max. load of 10 kg, and can be combined with any possible light source.


  • Motorized vertical height adjustment
  • Fine adjustable camera arm
  • Adjustable speed of the motor
  • Reinforced aluminium column
  • Wall-mounting options
  • Automatic end-stops
  • Self-locking system
  • RPS_120_s
  • RPS_150_low_s
  • RPS_150_withlight_45ReproD_CCDBack_s
  • RPS-100_3s
  • RPS-100_2s
  • RPS-163fulls

Vertical adjustment of the camera: 160cm
Horizontal adjustment of the camera: 24cm
Column height (standard): 190cm (75 inches)
Maximum load: 10kg (22Ibs)
Dimensions baseboard: 100x75cm
Height baseboard normal position: 76cm
Height baseboard low position: 20cm
Dimensions base: 100x85x13cm
Total height column and base: 216cm (85 inches)