Cambo and the Phase One XT Camera

On Tuesday September 10th, 2019 Phase One announced the availability of their new XT Camera System.

Although this product is based around components manufactured by Cambo, it ultimately will be a Phase One product and be distributed exclusively through Phase One dealers like Capture Integration, who also happen to be Cambo dealers as well.

The Phase One XT Camera, being based on the Cambo WRS system, is compatible with the same Cambo accessories and lenses that mount to and enhance the WRS camera system.

Recommended Cambo Accessories for the Phase One XT Camera System

The following accessories are recommended to any photographer looking to get the most out of the XT camera system:
  • WRS-1075 Accessory shoe. This accessory mount fits to the side of the XT camera body for mounting flash triggers and other shoe mounted accessories.

  • WRS-1090  Compendium/Lens shade with flexible bellows and 90 degrees rotation between portrait/landscape position. This lens shade also provides 2 open slots for Grad and ND Filters.

  • AC-324 Dedicated lens shade for 32HR and Actar 24 with flexible bellows exclusively fitting the Rodenstock 32HR and Actar 24 Lenses.

  • PCH Geared Tripod Head with Arca mounting that directly accepts the XT body (Same can be said for other heads in the Cambo PCH family).

Additional Lens Panel Options for the Phase One XT Camera

The new XT camera system uses lens panels that are compatible with Cambo WRS cameras. That means that almost all Cambo lens panels are also able to fit the XT system (the only exception are short barrel versions of existing lenses with rear spacers). Phase One exclusively offers the choice between a 23HR, 32HR and 70HR, which all have the new X-shutter that is connected with internal contacts and controlled from the IQ4 back. However, your existing WRS lenses can also mount to the XT Camera and operate the same way they always have.

Because of the Cambo lens mount, the following lens considerations also can be used with the XT camera:

  • Legacy Cambo lens panels with mechanical shutters (Copal) and New lens panels featuring Rodenstock’s new Aperture Only solution.
  • This includes the newly available WRA-2138, Rodenstock’s 138 HR-SW Float lens in Aperture Only mount on a Cambo lens panel.
  • Cambo’s Tilt/Swing lens panels.
  • Other options for use on the XT System are the Cambo WRE-CA (for Canon lenses) and the WRS-HV (for Hasselblad-V lenses).

Lens re-mounting into working Cambo panels is still available by request, and generally can be completed very easily and quickly. Contact Capture Integration for more information.

At this time, re-mounting lenses into Phase One X-Shutters is not possible, however as the ability to do so becomes available, so will more information, instructions, and pricing. 

Comparative Advantages for Cambo WRS Technical Cameras

Cambo’s existing lineup of technical cameras including the WRC-400, WRS-1200, WRS-1600 and WRS-5000 remain available and supported as before.

  • WRS Cameras have the advantage of a larger shift displacement (20mm each side with the 1600, up to 25mm with the 5000) vs the 12mm of the Phase One XT.
  • WRS Cameras allow for the use of short barrel lens constructions (90mm HR and 180mm HR ).
  • WRS Cameras offer additional native Tilt and Swing lens panel options.
  • WRS Cameras are available with interchangeable interfaces for many different digital back mounts (Hasselblad H, Hasselblad V, Contax, Sinar, Etc).