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With 1200 ws of power weighing in at about 13 lbs, the Broncolor Move is equipped with full asymmetry across two lamp connections, while at the same time having a control range of up to 9 f-stops, absolute color stability thanks to the patented Broncolor ECTC technology, and flash times down to an impressive 1/20,000s, which satisfies any imaginable photographic application. Equipped with the proven Lithium Power System, this battery power pack promises long periods of use, very low weight, and up to 4000 recharging cycles.

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The New Broncolor Move

  • Small but Extremely Powerful
  • Signature beautiful design only from Broncolor
  • Flash Cut-Off of up to 1/20,000 sec
  • Recycle speed of up to .02 sec in speed mode
  • A control range of 9 f/stops
  • Constant Color Temperature at 5500K
  • High-Grade Lithium Battery with integrated battery status

The Move comes standard with an Outdoor Trolley Backpack and weatherproof Power Pack Soft case. Eight “protection bumpers” guard the Move from the elements in all dimensions, and the front panel’s LCD display lights up your settings. The Move also doubles as a power source for continuous lighting. The 1200 L’s continuous lighting mode in combination with the MobiLED lamp, with its daylight conform 5500 K color temperature opens completely new horizons for film sequences. And does so continuously for more than two hours!

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Battery-Operated Power Pack Including Rechargeable Plug-In Lithium Battery And Charger.
Flash Energy: 1200 J
F-Stop: 64 1/10
Flash DurationMin: 1/20’000s (T 0.5), 1/8500 (T 0.1), Max: 1/1’000s (T 0.5), 1/350s (T 0.1)
Charging Time: 0.02 – 1.9s (Speed Mode 0.02 – 0.9s)
Recharging Cycles Up To 4000x
Up To 50’000 Flashes At Minimal Power
Up To 170 Flashes (230 Eco Mode) At Full Power (Without Modeling Light)
Control Range Up To 9 F-Stops In 1/10 F-Stop
2 Lamp Outlets Fully Asymmetrical With Flash Cut-Off And ECTC
Up To 200 W Modeling Lamp
Modeling Light Timer
Continuous Light Mode
Automatic Switch-Off Of The Power Pack After Selectable Waiting Time
RFS 2 Inside
6.2 Kg, 21x17x23 Cm

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