Mobil A2L

In the continuous strive for progress and optimisation, broncolor has provided the popular mains- independent Mobil A2R power pack with lithium technology. With the same power output, the new A2L outperforms the A2R. In figures, that means 220 flash releases instead of 170 per battery charge and a weight reduction of just less than 3 kg / 6.6 lbs. Hence, the new edition is even better, and with all the advantages that you are accustomed to from the earlier generation of the mobile power packs: compatible with the broad range of broncolor reflectors and light shapers. The Mobil A2L is a power pack for everyone searching for challenges outside the studio.

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The Mobil A2L

  • High repetitive precision for digital imaging
  • Illuminated silicone keyboard and LED-display, resistant to dust and scratches
  • Selectable switch-off time setting of the modeling light
  • Simple exchange of rechargeable battery by plug-in procedure
  • Slow charge to protect the battery
  • Flash release also possible via infrared
  • Automatic switch-off of the power pack after selectable waiting time
  • 3 different power distributions
  • Use of lithium or lead batteries possible
  • Selectable modes for modeling light: continuous light or film mode
(includes rechargeable plug-in battery and charger)
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  • mobil-1
  • mobil-2
  • mobil-3

Battery-Operated Power Pack Including Rechargeable Plug-In Lithium Battery And Charger.
Flash Energy: 1200 J
F-Stop: 64 1/10
Flash DurationMin: 1/1100s (T 0.5), 1/360 (T 0.1), Max: 1/680s (T 0.5), 1/230s (T 0.1)
Charging Time: 0.8 – 2.9 S
Recharging Cycles Up To 1200x
Up To 2000 Flashes At Minimal Power Or 220 At Full Power (Without Modelling Light)
Control Range Up To 7 F-Stops In 1/10 F-Stop
3 Different Power Distributions: 50/50 %, 70/30 % And 80/20 %
Up To 200 W Modelling Lamp
Modelling Light Timer
Continiuous Light Modes
Automatic Switch-Off Of The Power Pack After Selectable Waiting Time
Flash Release Also Possible Via Infrared
RFS Inside

Mobil A2L Lead, Same as Mobil A2L Lithium but with following restrictions:

  • Up to 1500 flashes at minimal power or 170 at full power (without modelling light)

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