Promotion Ends August 31st!

Starting July 2nd…

25% off all broncolor Scoro WiFi packs and Para light shapers! If you’ve been waiting to bring your lighting tools up to the best available, now is the time!


ItemStandard MSRPPromo Price
Scoro 3200S WiFi$14,458.95$10,844.22
Scoro 1600S WiFi$10,844.95$8,133.72
Scoro 3200E WiFi$9,731.95$7,298.97
Scoro 1600E WiFi$7182.95$5,387.22
Para 88 Non-HR$3,339.95$2,504.96
Para 88 HR F Kit$3,651.95$2,738.96
Para 88 HR FT Kit$4,023.95$3,017.96
Para 133 non HR$3,620.95$2,715.96
Para 133 HR F Kit$3,948.95$2,961.71
Para 133 HR FT Kit$4,320.95$3,240.71
Para 177 F Kit$5,375.95$4,031.96
Para 177 FT Kit$5,746.95$4,310.21
Para 222 F Kit$6,607.95$4,955.96
Para 222 FT Kit$6,979.95$5,234.96