Does Cambo exist just to grant wishes for photographers? I’m starting to think this may be the case. I now refer to Cambo as Jeannie. For that is what they have done, yet again.

Having provided Cambo Actus cameras to many of you, I have also heard your requests for additional features over the years, and one of them has been for rear tilt. Well Cambo has heard this, and Cambo has acted, and Cambo (Jeannie) has granted this wish.

New! Cambo Actus Rear Base Tilt Full Package

The real genius of the Cambo Actus is the size and weight combined with the build quality and functionality. As a result, compared to full size, full featured traditional view camera like a Cambo Ultima, some compromises had to be made. Tilt and Swing movements were dedicated to the front standard, while rise/fall and horizontal shift movements were dedicated to the back standard. Eureka! Tiny, amazing little view camera.

Hi, remember me? I’m still awesome. In fact, even more awesome now.

But having rear tilt proved to be too irresistible a tool to ignore, so Cambo has seemingly done the impossible and created an upgradable rear tilt mechanism for Cambo Actus view cameras. Capture Integration expects to have inventory arriving the week of June 11.

We’ll have some fun playing with this new product next week on our existing Actus systems to get a feel for how successful this upgrade will be. In the meantime, a quick FAQ for what we know so far:

#1 What do I order if I want this?

There are (3) options:

$469 – AC-371 Rear Base Tilt Kit

Cambo Rear Base Tilt Option












$679 – AC-373 Dual Base Tilt Kit

Cambo Dual Base Tilt Option













$1,015 – AC-375 Full Base Tilt Kit

Cambo Full Base Tilt Option












#2 When will these solutions start shipping?

They are shipping now, and Capture Integration is accepting orders now.

#3 Which Actus cameras will these work on?

All Base Tilt Upgarde kits are compatible with every Actus model, including original Actus Mini, Actus G, Actus XCD, Actus DB/DBII


*We’ll add more information to the FAQ once we have received our first shipment!