Summer Hours: Closing Fridays at 3:30 PM EST – Effective May 1 through July 31

Customer satisfaction is our top priority. When you become our customer, you become our partner. We understand that a large part of being a professional photographer requires troubleshooting. That’s why we are here to help – even on nights and weekends – whether you are in the weeds on set, or trying to dissect an elaborate software hiccup. Reach out to us, we are always here to help!

National Tech Support & Rentals Manager (Atlanta)
Anthony Festa

Regional Tech Support (New England)
Chris Valites

Software Support (Atlanta)
Josh Booth

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Phone: 877-214-3936

Repair Information

Please contact or 877.217.9870 to discuss repair procedures. If you’ve been instructed to, please download and fill out the form below to send back to us for your repair.

Focal Length Calculator

A normal lens is a normal lens is a normal lens… except when it’s not. When using film, the size of the film determines what a normal, long, and wide lens are. An 80mm lens is long when using 35mm film, normal when using 120 film, and short when using 4×5 film. Using a digital back is no different. A P45+ or P25+ is roughly 3mm smaller on each side than 645 film.But if you’re used to 35mm or large format, then you may have a hard time adjusting. This calculator is designed for people who know one lens system really well (e.g. large format lenses for 4×5 film), and want a quick way to find out what the equivalent lens is when using a Phase One digital back. Simply enter a number into the blue under the system you know, and all equivalent lens for each system will appear in the yellow.


Download the Focal Length Calculator