It’s Time For Our Summer Rental Special And Leica Is Waiting For You…

Leica M10 silver

Summer is just around the corner and so is our summer rental special on your favorite Leica products! Rent any Leica photographic equipment including the new Leica M10, Leica SL, or Leica S 007 for pick up or delivery beginning May 1st- July 31st and receive up to 15% off of your next rental order. Please note that the rentals must be picked up locally or shipped for delivery between … Read More →

Ready For Purchase: ALPA Silex- ALPA ELA- ALPA Lens Module Hasselblad- Firmware Update 4.03

ALPA Silex Promo Banner

For months… you’ve heard about it, read about it and probably tested the demos… now these ALPA products are ready to be the newest addition to your ALPA collection…     FPS/Silex Firmware 4.03 ALPA Silex Gene Therapy For Any Classical ALPA 12 Body Ever Sold   For operating all electronic lens mounts on conventional ALPA 12 bodies together with the ALPA Electronic Lens Adapter (ELA); comes with separate, variable … Read More →

Now Shipping: Cambo WRE-CA and CA-GFX Powered Adapters

Cambo banner

Cambo is taking their experience with the Actus series of cameras to the next level… while reaching new places… The WRE-CA lens plate allows you to mount lenses fitted with a Canon Eos bayonet, in combination with the WRS series of cameras. When paired with a digital back with an electronic shutter (IQ3-100) and a lens with a large image circle (Such as the Canon 17mm TS-E) it allows for … Read More →

New Product Announcement: Scoro WiFi & bronControl for Desktop

Scoro WiFi & bronControl for desktop

  Broncolor is proud to announce the new Scoro WiFi/RFS2, bringing a new level of intuitive control to the legendary Scoro product line. Integrated into the new Scoro WiFi/RFS2 products is broncolor’s innovative WiFi technology. Using no additional equipment, you can now control your flash pack from any WiFi capable iOS, Android, Mac, or PC device. A phone, tablet, or computer now brings the Scoro’s immense capability to your fingertips. … Read More →

You’ve Been Captured! Kristin Partridge

Kristin Partridge

In an effort for you to get to know our Capture Integration team a little better… we are excited to announce our new Captured! column. Every month a CI team member will  share their perspectives based on the theme or topic of the month. For the month of May, we invite you to meet the lovely Ms. Kristin Partridge as she shares a little about her CI work life and … Read More →

Profoto Firmware Updates


If you haven’t updated the firmware on your Profoto gear this year, you’re likely out of date. Head over to Profoto, log-in to ‘MyPages’ and get the latest

Versatile + Precision: The Modular ALPA GON Tripod Leveling System

The Modular ALPA GON Tripod Leveling System-2

  You Want Precision …You Got It! Modular ALPA GON Tripod Leveling System Just in time for the summer, the new modular GON, ALPA opens new perspectives to photographers. Camera setting is now more precise and easier than ever. The new ALPA GON can also be combined individually and set up as needed. Following the unified UniQ/C standard with dove tail interface it can be used with any camera, not … Read More →

Our Zeiss Batis Family Has Expanded!


To Our Friends That Are Fan’s of Sony’s Mirrorless Full- Frame Family   Here’s A Reason To Smile….. The New ZEISS Batis 2.8/135 is the first 135 mm AF focal length for Sony’s Alpha 7 system with E-mount! Here are a few highlights that we are sure you will love… Fast and precise autofocus Optical image stabilizer incorporated into the lens Small and compact for a 135mm lens, well balanced … Read More →

Capture Pilot & iOS 10 – Patience Necessary


4 steps to initiating a successful Capture Pilot session: Step #1: Turn on the AdHoc Network on the IQ2 or IQ3 series digital back. Step #2: Navigate on your Apple iOS device to iOS Settings–>Wi-FI–>PhaseOne(DB Serial#)   Step 3: Launch Capture Pilot If Capture Pilot had already been launched and had been sitting idle (perhaps for days or weeks) in iOS 10 you’ll be greeted with this: Simply double tap … Read More →