Hasselblad Releases 4/45 P Autofocus Lens

Hasselblad xcd 45p lens

Hasselblad New 4/45 P Autofocus Lens Designed to further the capabilities of all X System cameras* by taking high quality imaging even further out into the world, Hasselblad launches the new XCD 4/45P. Designed for the utmost in portability, the XCD 45P stands as the most lightweight and compact member of the XCD lens family. Weighing only 320g (0.7 lbs) and measuring 47mm (1.85 in) in depth, the XCD 45P … Read More →

Take 30% Off Capture One

Capture One Image 2

Capture One Multi-User Special Capture One is offering 30% off on all multi user Capture One Annual Plans! Multi User Subscriptions can only be ordered through your supporting dealers. Improvements in Capture One Pro 20 Include: Scrolling Tools New Basic Color Editor Improved Crop Tool Improved Noise Reduction Improved High Dynamic Range Tool Improved Copy/Apply for Layers Improved DNG support ‘Select Next When’ General User Experience changes   Contact your Capture … Read More →

Capture Integration Client In the News


Great clients creating great work We are excited to kick off the decade by celebrating the work of our talented client, Julian Calverley! Julian’s book, North Northwest, won Best British Book and Book of the Year at the 2019 British Book Design & Production Awards.   About the book, North Northwest North Northwest is a large-format book of landscape photographs by photographer Julian Calverley. Designed by Les Welch, printed and … Read More →

Photographer Spotlight: Paul Caldwell

12 Sunset at Calico Rock on the White River in Arkansas

Tell us a little about yourself, Paul. I am based out of Little Rock AR, and have 2 adult daughters and a wonderful wife. I have enjoyed hiking all across the US, but have spent most of my time in the Arkansas Ozarks, and Ouachita mountains, as I love to work with landscapes. Photography has always been a way for me to capture a scene/moment to remember for later.   … Read More →

SHOP Canon Super Deals


EOS 5D IV DSLR Camera Body From now until January 5, 2020, take off up to $1,199.00 off a Canon EOS 5d IV DSLR Camera Body. Sales prices for the Canon EOS 5D IV DSLR camera body start at $1,999.00.   EOS R MIRRORLESS BODY From now until January 5, 2020, take off up to $1000 off a Canon EOS R Mirrorless Body. Sales prices for the Canon EOS R … Read More →

To Upgrade or not to Upgrade


With the recent release and availability of Apple’s new flagship MacPro, I’ve been fielding a decent amount of questions regarding what would be an appropriate machine to build to maximize for Capture One peformance and where your monetary resources are best spent. If peak performance is king above all else, read no further, you can build out that new Mac Pro for about the price you can get into a … Read More →

Update with Caution to Mac OS Catalina 10.15.2


  IMPORTANT NEWS – December 12, 2019 From the Capture One technical team: Hold off from updating your Mac OS 10.15.2, as it will hinder the tethering functionality in Capture One 12.1.4 and Capture One 20.0. We’re working on a fix as fast as possible. Read more on the Capture One support page. https://support.captureone.com/hc/en-us/articles/360004264838-Regarding-tethering-and-Mac-OS-10-15-2-Catalina-  

Capture One 20 – Released

Copy of Current Capture Integration Promotions-7

Since it’s the first week of December, the release of the latest version of Capture One, the 13th build of the program is of no surprise. What was somewhat surprising was the change of naming convention, now following suit with other annual update programs, we now have Capture One 20 (for the year 2020) As the Capture Integration Tech Support Manager, I highly recommend that you always read the release … Read More →

Demo Shelf Sale

Current Capture Integration Promotions-12

  Alpa 12 SWA Kit – $3,990 This kit includes: ALPA 12 SWA with Wood Grip Alpa 47mm, XL APO-Digitar f/5.6 Schneider LB Lens         Alpa 12 FPS  Kit – $9,990 This kit includes: Alpa 12 FPS Alpa 70mm HR FPS Alpagon f/5.6 Rodenstock SB17 Lens w/HPF Ring in Feet       Cambo WRC-400 Kit – $5,690 This kit includes: Cambo WRC-400 w/ Wooden Grips 28mm HR … Read More →

ALPA End of Year Specials

Current Capture Integration Promotions-9

ALPA Tripods ALPA TrioPod 75 Ballhead Kit Article No. 410.500.110 Normal price: $1,998 Special price: $1,838 (save $160!) ALPA TrioPod 75 GON (4 Segments) Kit Article No. 410.500.100 Norrmal price: $3,486 Special price: $3,210 (save $276!) ALPA TrioPod 75 GON (3 Segments) Kit Article No. 410.500.103 Norrmal price: $3,486 Special price: $3,210 (save $276!) ALPA GON Tripod Kit Article No. 410.500.001 Normal price: $3,790 Special price: $3,490 (save $300!) ALPA … Read More →