IRS Section 179

Do you know that you can take up to $128,000 of new business equipment in write-offs this year? It could be possible to write off your whole digital back purchase in this calendar year. We have many options for financing with some payment deferments to 2008. Give us a call for more information. As always, please check with your accountant for your state’s rules.

PO Expands Platform Support

In an announcement on October 24, Phase One renewed and expanded their commitment to freedom in the selection of medium format platforms. All value-added warranties will now come with a free three-year Platform Change Guarantee. For three years after the purchase of any back with a value-added warranty Phase One owners will be able to change from their original platform free of charge. As an additional commitment to openness, Phase … Read More →

Accepting Reservations for 1Ds Mark III

Accepting Reservations for 1Ds Mark III

Canon’s new flagship 21 megapixel full frame DSLR has begun to ship. We have a large number on order and are taking reservations. Call us to get in the queue for the latest in Canon’s technology. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

RSVP for Capture Integration Event

View Capture Integration Events in a larger map We’re excited you’re RSVPing for our event. If you have any questions you can always contact us by phone or email.

Shipping Authorization

This form is for clients who have specifically requested that an item be shipped to an adress other than the one on their credit card’s billing information. You only need to fill it out if specifically requested by us.

Event Photos

SPE 2012 Party SPE Pictures Thanks to everyone who we met at SPE 2012. These images were captured by various members from MAC Group with Mamiya DM 28 and 33 digital cameras. Images were shot tethered to (2) MacBook Pro stations manned by Dave Gallagher and Steve Hendrix of Capture Integration. Capture One Pro v6.3.5  was used to tweak and edit images on the fly, including toning and cropping adjustments. … Read More →

Birmingham Followup


– Thanks to everyone who attended our very successful event in Birmingham this past week. For those who attended the Capture One training, we talked about Capture Integration’s Style Pack and Custom Keyboard Shortcuts. If you fill out our very simple request for feedback the links for styles and custom keyboard shortcuts will be emailed to you instantly. Give Feedback: Get Shortcuts/Styles and Be Entered For FREE Huey Pro Monitor … Read More →