Canon 1Ds Mark III and Cambo X2 – Tilt-Shift Options

1Ds Tilt Shift

With pixel sizes diminishing, this adage is as true today as ever. We can now “peep” at a level never before possible. The X2 Pro gives us T/S capability with a variety of new and older glass that is in our bag. This test shows how these lenses stack up against one another. Canon 1Ds Mark III – Canon 45mm and Canon 85mm Cambo X2 – Hasselblad 60mm and the Schneider … Read More →

My Newphew


New + Nephew = Newphew I visited my sister and brother-in-law in Virgina this month. Yes, he is the cutest baby ever. Yes that includes your baby. Check out large images after the jump.

Kayaking / Rafting weekend


My brother-in-law, Bill Privette, set up a weekend of camping, hiking, kayaking and rafting in SC with all of the Privette family.  We drove 2.5 hrs north of Atlanta to pick our camp site on the bank of the Chattoga River in Long Creek, SC.  We set up camp, made a fire and relaxed by the fire.   The next day we went to Chattooga Whitewater Outfitter and got outfitted with … Read More →

Phase One Port Covers


We are proud to announce that the new (long awaited) rubber “Port Covers” for Phase One P and P+ will be ready to ship August 1st. 2008. The Port Cover can cover both FireWire, Multi connector and flash connector at the same time. The design makes it possible to eject either the FireWire side or the Multi connector side leaving it hanging only in the other connector. Thereby helping the … Read More →

Stop the Madness and take the time to Jump

Stop the Madness and take the time to Jump

I believe that the rate of time speeds up as we age. The summers lasted so long when I was a kid and now they speed by in a blink, leaving me in a whirl wondering what just flew past me. It is so easy to focus on deadlines, sales goals, accounting paperwork, etc. and let important family time go unspent. This Friday I was able to to take a … Read More →

Custom Function List: Phase One 645

The Phase One 645 Kit has a great set of Quick Cards; easily the 2nd best in the world (next to our own of course). These cards contain an list of the custom function sof the camera, but not a list of what each setting of the custom function represents. For that information you’ll want to download the following PDF: Phase One 645 Custom Function List. Also related: Phase One … Read More →

News Flash: P65+ & Tilt-Shift Lens


Phase One P65+ Phase One has announced details about the Phase One P65+. We’ve posted initial details about the P65+ and will continue to be the first to bring you further developments. We can also tell you there are big announcements coming at Photokina, and we will be blogging near-live updates. Stay tuned! Phase One 45mm f3.5 Tilt-Shift Lens Super Rotator Design Shift and Tilt in any combination in any … Read More →

Backup Solutions for During and Before your Shoot

Capture Integration takes dozens of tech support calls a week. Lately we’ve received a lot of calls about backup options during a shoot. So by popular demand we have drafted a 2 page PDF entitled “Backups Before and During a Shoot to Prevent Downtime or Losing Photos“.

Apple Laptop Batteries

Disclaimer We are not chemists, electrical engineers, or any other form of battery experts. This post is a direct response to requests for information. We’ve researched the questions we most commonly receive about Apple Laptop Batteries and condensed the results into a short post. With that in mind, we lead with our sources, to encourage further research. This information is only applicable to Lithium Ion batteries used in all current … Read More →