Capture One 3.7.8 Released

On Friday, February 1st Capture One 3.7.8 was released. This new version features: Full Leopard Compatibility Processing capability for: Canon 1DsMarkIII and Nikon D3 (no tethered capture) Improved tethered stability with Phase One backs Pattern Noise Suppression on Intel macs now supported Improved preview of LCC You can find a Stay tuned to the news section of our website for our own evaluation of performance/stability.

Phase One comes to the Rolleiflex

Fans of the Rolleiflex 6008 rejoice! Until now Phase One has only offered a P20 for this medium format body. In its continued commitment to open and diverse medium format options, Phase One is now offering Rolleiflex 6008 mounts for all of its new P+ digital backs*. Worried about locking into any one platform? Phase One recently announced that they will provide a free 3-year Platform Change Guarantee for any … Read More →

Party Pics

ambient night 2008 dancers v4

“Ambient Night 2008” was a raging success. Thank you to our cohosts Ambient+ Studios, and Morel Studio Support. Hundreds of members of the photo community attended We have posted photos from our recent party “Ambient Night 2008” to our website. See all of the photos after the jump.

Installing Capture One 3.7.7 in 10.5


If you find yourself in need of Capture One 3.7.7 on a computer that has 10.5 OS (Leopard) on it you will have to do a manual installation.While Phase One does not officially support 10.5 as of yet, they have promised a soon-to-be-released update (named 3.7.8). In the meantime the manual installation will allow you to utilize the software. There will be a few features that either will not work … Read More →

1Ds Mark III tests

1Ds Mark III tests

We’ve been testing the 1Ds Mark III and comparing it to the current line of Phase One Digital Backs. You can directly download the processed TIFF of the 1DsMarkIII, the P21, P30+, and P45 below: Canon 1dsm3 (Scene 1) – compressed TIFF (46.8MB) Phase One P21 (Scene 1) – compressed TIFF (33.2MB) Phase One P30+ (Scene 1) – compressed TIFF (60.7MB) Phase One P45 (Scene 1) – compressed TIFF (68.3MB) … Read More →

Capture One 4.0

A new version of Capture One was released this week sporting faster processing, better detail retention, and new features such as High Dynamic Range (HDR) tools. Capture Integration has been hard at work learning this new version to better help you with your transition. Tethered shooting is not supported (4.0 Pro, supporting tethered shooting is expected next year). To attend a Capture Integration Capture One 4.0 Seminar, please contact

CF Card Reader Testing

At the request of a valued customer we ran a test recently of the practical speed of various firewire card readers. This was not a brand comparison or a full-blown test. We compared the three card readers we had on hand as a reference point created for a specific customer and shared here for anyone interested. In brief, here are the results: Items Tested Maximum-brand USB 9-in-one card reader [retail: … Read More →

Who is Chris?


I was born in Springfield, MA, but moved to Florida when I was only 5. Growing up in the South was quite different. The different food, dialects and of course the heat. Growing up in Florida made my holidays very different. Imagine having Christmas dinner and opening presents, then going boating in shorts. In future blogs, I’ll show you more about who I am and what I do in my … Read More →

Miami Expansion

As Phase One’s Partner of the Year, Capture Integration is continuing its US expansion into Miami Beach. Capture Integration has quickly become a national and international leader in the sales and rental of digital capture systems. And now there is finally a true high end systems integrator in Miami specializing in Phase One digital camera backs and Canon digital SLR’s. This expansion has led to a strategic partnership with The … Read More →