Get Your Mirrorless Canon Pre-Orders In!

Mirrorless Canon Camera EOS-R

Be the Revolution with the EOS R System Canon just released their new EOS R Camera System lineup and we are currently accepting pre-orders! Canon announced that this new system features a game changing RF lens mount that delivers optical excellence today and incredible possibilities for tomorrow’s designs. The EOS-R System Highlights  New lenses that are being released are said to be very sharp and well balanced Because of the new mount … Read More →

Medium Format Digital at the Right Price

Phase One Certified Pre Owned

Bring your old bodies to life again No, I am not talking about your old knees and joints. I am talking about the 500c that is gathering dust in your bag.  Did you also know that you can purchase a P20+ for your Hasselblad body for less than $2,000?  There is nothing like dusting off that 500 series or that Mamiya 645 and making it come to life again.  By now you … Read More →

CAMBO | WRS- HV Lensplate

Cambo WRS-HV Lensplate

There’s no denying that the quality and resolution of modern Rodenstock HR optics is the best choice for your technical camera. But what if you need a longer focal length? The Rodenstock lens lineup is great, but can sometimes be lacking when it comes to longer focal length options. Cambo just introduced the new WRS – HV Adaptor which also allows you to mount legacy “V” lenses from the Hasselblad-500 series, … Read More →

Photographer Spotlight Sid Hoeltzell


Sid is a first born American from Latvian immigrants who survived European WW II. He started taking photographs and cooking around the age 8 and went the pre-med college route only to give it all up for his love of photography. Chasing after his passion, Sid hitch-hiked to get into FIT (NYC) and graduated magna cum laude. He became an adjunct professor at FIT for four years, and is still a part-time instructor at the Miami Ad School, in Miami, FL. After maintaining his NYC studio for many years, Sid decided to moved his studio to Miami in 1991 and pioneered to Wynwood eighteen years ago. Sid says his clients have always given him a vast range of assignments and he loves the studio environment. He continues to photograph commercial campaigns with people, but is focusing his digital platform on Food & Beverage photography. Read More →

$150 Weekly Phase One XF Body + Lens Rental

CI September Rental Special

Enjoy the Phase One Experience Starting Now Until October 1st, 2018. Have you been wanting to try the latest lens on the market, but the price just wasn’t right? Now is the time for you to take advantage of this great offer of ONLY $150 per week! WEEKLY lens rental rate includes all Phase One Schneider-Kreuznach lenses. Flat rate FedEx Express 2nd Day round-trip shipping to all continental US states. … Read More →

Canon September Instant Rebates

Canon Instant Rebates 9.18

  Canon has issued an instant rebate on various items purchased from now through September 22, 2018. A large number of cameras and lenses are available (including the Canon EOS-1D X Mark II Kit and more), be sure to check the rebates. Contact Capture Integration at 877-217-9870 to place your order today.  

Phase One Digital Backs: How do they compare?

Phase One Digital Backs Comparison Chart

The Phase One XF IQ4 Digital Back was just announced and you’re probably wondering what’s the difference? How does this back compare to the others?? Will the new back improve or complicate my workflow??? Well… we’ve done the homework for you! Check out our chart below and contact us if you have any questions! Phase One 100 MP Digital Back Comparison Phase One IQ4 Digital Back Models Comparison

Capture One 11.2.1 – Released


Capture One 11.2.1 debuts today and provides support for the new IQ4 series digital backs, also includes new camera and lens support, as well as some bug fixes. 11.2.1 Camera Support Phase One IQ4 150MP (Preliminary) Phase One IQ4 100MP Trichromatic (Preliminary) 11.2.1 Lens Support Sony FE 400mm F2.8 G Master OSS Super-Telephoto RSM Lens 150mmAF f/5.6 RSM Lens 80mmAF f/5.6 RSM Lens 80mm f/5.6 RSM Lens 35mm f/5.6 Voigtländer 17,5 … Read More →

Decoding the Phase One IQ4 Announcement

Phase One XF IQ4 Digital Backs

This morning Phase One DK announced their new IQ4 product line.  While the new Sony Backside Illuminated 151 megapixel sensor has been one of the world’s worst kept secrets, It was only a fraction of the important newly released information today.  We at Capture Integration have always tried to disseminate the marketing “speak” from the real world relevance that product announcements offer.   Hopefully the following detailed descriptions will help … Read More →