Top 10 Reasons To Love The Leaf Credo

capture integration medium format phase one mamiya leaf

Digital backs come in all shapes and sizes, each with its own set of strengths and weaknesses. Leaf has always been a major player in the marketplace, and has a history of creating groundbreaking products. For years, Leaf Aptus digital backs were heralded for their color reproduction. The Credo line builds on the already extremely solid foundation the Aptus series by adding modern day speed, functionality, and an updated and … Read More →

Definitive Guide To Medium Format High-Speed Sync

Capture Integration | Medium Format High Speed Sync

Note: The information on this page has been expanded upon in greater detail in a new post on Flash Durations vs High Speed Sync. Maximum flash sync speed is an incredibly important, yet elusive piece of knowledge that can be difficult to keep track of. With the same back and body, different sync speeds can be achieved with different lenses. Alternately, with the same lens and body, different digital backs … Read More →

Capture Integration Exclusive: Phase One IQ250 by Candlelight!

Capture Integration Phase One IQ 250 High ISO & Long Exposure Tests

After receiving the first IQ250 in the US, there were certain tests that were crucial to understanding the back’s capability. First was the tech camera test, secondly there was a Live View test. Both of which can be read by clicking on the active links here.  However, the most significant new feature of the IQ250 that separates it from the rest are high ISO and low light performance. Atlantans celebrate the snow … Read More →

Capture Integration Exclusive: Phase One IQ250 Live View

Phase One IQ 250 Live View | Capture Integration

Phase One’s announcement of the new IQ250 came with a very big first in the world of photography. The IQ250 is the world’s first digital medium format back with a CMOS sensor. That’s significant news. But what practical, real world reasons exist that make this digital back any better than another? It’s true there are several features of the IQ250 that are unique from other Phase One digital backs, but … Read More →

Capture Integration Exclusive: IQ250 on Tech Cameras

Capture Integration Exclusive IQ 250 Tech Cameras

Here it is: the very first test featuring the Phase One IQ250 on a technical camera. With Phase One’s release of the world’s first CMOS sensor, our minds at Capture Integration went straight to the applications with technical cameras. Capture Integration is the only dealer in the USA that offers such an expansive technical camera lineup – Cambo, ALPA, Sinar and Arca-Swiss technical cameras are all sold and supported by … Read More →

Hasselblad Tethering Using Thunderbolt to FireWire 800 Adapter

Hasselblad Thunderbolt Testing

As I’m sure many of you know by now, Apple has announced a new Mac Pro tower that is devoid of any FireWire port. This appears to be a growing trend as more and more Apple machines are being released without Fire Wire ports, including newer MacBook Pros and MacBook Airs. While many photographers use FireWire to tether to a computer, there is no cause for alarm. Apple manufactures a … Read More →

Live View Control with DF+ Firmware 10.2 and Capture One 7.1.2

Capture Integration | Capture One Pro

Breakthrough in Live View Control With the new firmware release 2.10 for the Phase One & Mamiya DF+ and the newest version of Capture One Pro 7.1.2, it is now possible for Capture One Pro to have more control over the camera system during live view. Previously, the steps to activate Live View while using a DF or DF+ body involved setting the body to “T” or time mode – … Read More →