New! Capture One Custom Profiling with Xrite

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I have an offer for you and it’s absolutely free. Are you interested? I know that you are. For some years we (and others) have been pushing Xrite to add ICC profiling to the ColorChecker Passport Application. Why was this so important? Because the majority of our clients use Capture One. And when the ColorChecker Passport profiling application was introduced oh, about 10 years ago, the only option for creating … Read More →

Recap: Niels Knudsen of Phase One – In the House @CI!


Tuesday, November 6, 2018… a momentous day at Capture Integration! Why, you ask? Well the one and only Mr. Niels Knudsen, VP of RD at Phase One was presenting on the IQ4 150 digital back for a select group of photographers in person at the Capture Integration Atlanta Headquarters. Niels has been involved in managing product development at Phase One for over 25 years, back to the very early days. He … Read More →

Phase One IQ4-150: Built to Last (a long time)


DO YOU LIKE UPGRADES? How do we buy cameras today? How do manufacturers sustain a camera business? The answer is we always look to the next. What we have is great, but how can it be better? And this propels the purchase of new cameras. It sustains camera companies, and inspires photographers. That’s a nice way of looking at it, I suppose. What are we used to? We’re used to taking … Read More →

NEW ALPA 12 Plus At PhotoPlus 2018


Hot off the Press: Alpa 12 Plus Announced! The Alpa 12 Plus was just announced today (October 23, 2018). So what is this camera all about and why is it now here? Doesn’t Alpa have enough beautiful camera options for photographers? I suppose you can never get enough of a good thing. What the Alpa 12 Plus most resembles is unmistakably an Alpa Max. What then separates an Alpa 12 Max … Read More →

The Bargain Phase One IQ3 100 vs IQ4 150

There is new pricing on the IQ3 100 While the IQ4 150 announcement has produced a lot of excitement around not just the 150mp BSI sensor, but many new features, lost amongst this has been the dramatic price reduction of the IQ3 100 and IQ3 100 Trichromatic models. I never thought I would consider the price of an IQ3 100 a bargain, but compared to the price of the new … Read More →

I Dream Of Cambo Rear Base Tilt

Cambo Rear base Tilt Upgrade

Does Cambo exist just to grant wishes for photographers? I’m starting to think this may be the case. I now refer to Cambo as Jeannie. For that is what they have done, yet again. Having provided Cambo Actus cameras to many of you, I have also heard your requests for additional features over the years, and one of them has been for rear tilt. Well Cambo has heard this, and … Read More →

Top Ten Things I Love About The CI Team

CI Team Top 10

I’m the longest tenured employee at Capture Integration, celebrating 9 years this summer. There’s a lot of things I enjoy about CI, but perhaps what I enjoy most is what I see every day; The consistently outstanding personnel that make up the CI Team. What is truly unique about CI is not only that we carry amazing products, and provide great support to our clients, it is that we fight … Read More →

Why You Need to Make 2017 Year End Purchases Today!

As everyone knows, we often see aggressive end of year promotions from manufacturers and this year is no exception. But there are reasons to purchase now – above and beyond just getting a great deal. Spend Now To Lower Your Net Taxable Income Via section 179, you can deduct up to $500,000 and more for equipment purchases, which includes new and even used hardware, and in some cases, software. Had a … Read More →

CI @ PhotoPlus Expo 2017 Wrap Up

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For the past 7 years Capture Integration has been an exhibitor at PDN PhotoPlus in New York City, held every October. Being one of the largest specialized dealers for Phase One products in the world, we always feature the latest and greatest equipment Phase One has to offer. But we often augment that with corollary products that intersect. Below are some highlights from this past year.           … Read More →

Advanced Phase One XF Gallery Tour Wrap Up

CI Roadtour!-2

Today, physical proximity is both underrated and overrated. The cell phone number for every CI team member is listed on the staff page. We have email, text and video-based chat. We’re knowledgeable and we respond before and after standard business hours (what photographer actually works standard business hours?). If our clients need help, if they need information, we have it for them. But as great as modern communications has become, … Read More →