I Shutter To Think: Explorations of the IQ3 100/XF Kit


How to be really, really …. still!?! Brad Kaye – our Ace Tech Services Manager – and I often collaborate on sticky technical situations that we encounter. It usually goes something like this – “Brad, why the hell is it doing that?” And then Brad either tells me why right away, or he explores and eventually brings the pearl to the surface. So recently, the topic of the Phase One XF … Read More →

Seeing Sideways with the Cambo Actus

Canon 24TS Pano copy 2

In the summer of 2014, Cambo introduced the Cambo Actus View Camera System, an amazingly small view camera that fits in a Messenger Bag and is compatible with mirrorless cameras, DSLR cameras, medium format digital backs, and accepts a huge variety of lenses that can all then become tilt/shift/swing lenses. What a great development for photographers! First Look: Cambo Actus, A Tiny Miracle If you’ve never experienced the ecstasy of complete … Read More →

First Look: Cambo Actus EF Aperture Controller for Canon


Last week, Cambo released a new product for their Cambo Actus View Camera, the Cambo EF Aperture Controller. This product, combined with the Cambo Actus, is a game changer. As collaborative partners with Cambo, Capture integration is very excited to have our first shipment of this product and see what capabilities it adds for photographers. If any traditional photographic equipment manufacturer has created a positive model for evolving into the digital age, … Read More →

Capture One Pro Workshop at SCAD

15-02-22 SCAD C1 Workshop 240

Capture Integration loves producing workshops for many reasons; We have the opportunity to help our clients understand how to get the most out of Capture One software; We can show them some of the most incredible equipment available for high quality digital capture; Most importantly, we get to meet our clients – who are located all across the country – in person, face to face, and spend some quality time with them. … Read More →

Cambo Actus DB – Big Changes for a Tiny View Camera

Cambo Actus DB 018

This could be considered Part 2 of – “My gosh, what has Cambo done”? If we jog our memory back to last summer, we saw the release of one of the grooviest products we’ve seen in some time, the Cambo Actus, an unbelievably small view camera for 35mm DSLR and mirrorless cameras. https://captureintegration.com/first-look-cambo-actus/ While that tiny little view camera has been a hit with our smaller format clients, as one … Read More →

Copal Shutter Repairs On The Rise – Updated

A must read if you use a Technical Camera or View Camera. This is a re-print/re-edit from an article we posted back in 2010 regarding Copal Shutter repairs, and the recent increase we had seen in the occurrence of those repairs. Since shutter repairs can be expensive, and the original article was posted 4 years ago, I felt it would be a good idea to refresh it and bring it … Read More →

Best Long Exposure results with Phase One & Leaf

P65+ ISO 50 83 seconds 1 stop pull 1

On occasion, I get asked by clients for recommendations on shooting long exposures with a CCD-based Phase One or Leaf digital back purchased from CI. There are, of course, a number of different ways one can achieve a long exposure. All digital backs have options for ISO selection in camera, typically ISO 50, 100, 200, 400, 800. In a typical city-scape night scene, an exposure at f/11 @ ISO 50 … Read More →

Behind the Curtains at Alpa

alpa capture integration

A few weeks back, Anthony Festa and I spent 4 days in Zurich at Alpa Headquarters. Capture Integration has been selling and supporting Alpa solutions since late 2013, and this trip was designed to help fill in some knowledge gaps, get to know the entire company more intimately, and deepen our understanding of the products and the philosophy and culture of the company. Alpa’s headquarters is a modest 2 story … Read More →

Top Ten things to know about the Leaf Credo 50


1) New Sony 50 Megapixel CMOS Sensor Leaf holds a unique position in the medium format digital segment as the first company to create a CMOS product (Leaf CMOST, back in 2004). While that’s a somewhat limited pedigree, we’re excited to see what Leaf extracts out of this new Sony 50 megapixel CMOS sensor. While the Sony sensor is not unique to Leaf, many Leaf owners place a high value … Read More →

First Look – Cambo Actus: a small miracle

Cambo Actus Intro

My experience with Cambo goes back to my days at the turn of the millennium working for SinarBron Imaging, the USA Importer for Sinar cameras at the time. Most of the studio 4×5 shooters that I came into contact with were using a Sinar or a Cambo (occasionally a Toyo…). If they used a Cambo they were spending only 50% – 70% the price of the Sinar. That is how … Read More →